EA’s Origin store is currently running a “sitewide” promo code for 30% off all things Origin. They may call it sitewide, but the caveat is it essentially only works on EA published titles.  The good news is that if you’re a Star Wars: Battlefront fan, you’ll now be able to pick up the Battlefront Season Pass 30% off – its first discount. Also finally on a notable discount is the pricey Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition, now $69.99 instead of its $100 list price.

Beyond Battlefront’s Season Pass, a number of other EA titles are also at attractive pricing thanks to this 30% off code. RPG/BioWare fans should note that Dragon Age: Inquisition along with its Game of the Year edition has hit new low price on Origin, both are great titles to pick up depending on the level of content you’d want to pay for.

Finally, The Sims 4 expansion packs such as Get Together and Get to Work are both also at new low, as are DLC packs such as Spa Day and Outdoor Retreat.

Origin Sale

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Star Wars: Battlefront Deals

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For details on what the Season Pass entails, check out the previous detailed post here. Let us know if you think the $35 discount price tag for Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass is a good deal, or if it’ll make much more sense to wait further for a bigger discount.