Battlefield developer DICE is apparently showing an interest in VR gaming, with design director Lars Gustavsson revealing that virtual reality is on the radar of the studio.

Even though the new generation of virtual reality devices is only just out of the gate, a number of developers have already started working on exactly how to make use of the emerging technology. Indeed, some studios and game creators already seem to have found a niche with VR, as seen by some of the upcoming VR horror games. Some big-name developers are taking a big interest in virtual reality, and it turns out the Battlefield developer DICE is no exception.

DICE’s interest in VR comes direct from Lars Gustavsson, the design director of upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 1. It certainly sounds as though DICE is keeping an eye on the technology’s potential for new gameplay experiences. “Who knows what we do in the future with VR but it’s definitely something on the radar for the studio,” said Gustavsson.

If or when DICE moves towards virtual reality, it seems like the developer is going to be aiming to do things right. Gustavsson explained that “you need to have a different mindset when you develop for VR,” noting that the technology comes with “different strengths and restrictions” for creation. “There’s great possibilities but it comes with thought and special craft to make it right,” said Gustavsson, “and those are the ones that will stand out as winners.”

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However, those expecting a surprise reveal of VR headset compatibility for Battlefield 1 should be striking that off the list of surprise features, as Gustavsson has all but ruled out the game being built for VR. “If you build a VR game there’s more things you need to think of in order to create the best experience,” stated Gustavsson. “From the get go we’ve designed [Battlefield 1] to be the best possible Battlefield.” It’s unlikely that many gamers will mind all that much, providing Battlefield 1 lives up to its potential.

DICE is far from the only major developer to have gained an interest in virtual reality gaming, either. From Software, the creators of the acclaimed Dark Souls series, has already made it clear that its next project is going to be developed for PlayStation VR – albeit initially through a leaked press video. Meanwhile, Hideo Kojima has also shown curiosity about VR gaming.

For the time being, of course, DICE is going to be hard at work making sure that Battlefield 1 has as strong at launch as possible. So far, gamers on the whole seem very excited about the title, waxing lyrical about everything from vehicular combat through to dynamic weather. With the game’s open beta launching on August 31, Battlefield fans won’t have long to wait to see how the game is shaping up.

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