Battlefield V Dev Looking Into How Battle Royale Could Work


Today, DICE and Electronic Arts offered gamers their first comprehensive look at Battlefield V during a livestream by showing off the forthcoming first-person shooter's reveal trailer, which offered up some action-packed gameplay, impressively detailed visuals, and confirmation of the title’s release date. Surprisingly absent from the proceedings, though, was a mention of battle royale. Nevertheless, DICE senior producer Andreas Morrel explains that the studio is currently looking into how a mode could work for the sequel.

This much was confirmed by GameSpot, with the outlet stating that although Morrel said that DICE has nothing to announce in regards to a battle royale mode at the moment, he did admit that such a feature could work well within Battlefield V. As explained by the senior producer, "It's hard to miss the battle royale frenzy that's ongoing. We're all very much fans of it, back at DICE, and we're definitely looking to see how Battlefield can explore the battle royale genre."

Prior to the full reveal of Battlefield V today, DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson confirmed that the game won't have battle royale at launch, but declined to mention whether or not the studio would include the mode after it goes live. Gustavsson even went so far as to say that many within the company have declared it would be a "perfect fit" for the title and that "there’s definitely been talks around it", inferring it could eventually be added. Supporting this possibility is a statement that Morrel told GameSpot, as he said, "We've got the sandbox, we've got the vehicles, we've got the epic scale–[battle royale] is a natural fit for us."

While many battle royale fans might be disappointed that Battlefield V won't have the mode on day one, it ought to be encouraging for them to learn that DICE is at least investigating how it could be incorporated. After all, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 having BlackoutBattlefield V might want to put together its own take on the mode for the sake of healthy competition.

Then again, perhaps DICE and Electronic Arts are seeing how the whole battle royale craze shakes out before committing to its inclusion. Ultimately, the current popularity surrounding the gameplay type could potentially lose momentum and favor with fans as time marches on, which would cause developers to have unnecessarily dedicated time and resources to the mode if the studio decided to move ahead with its addition. Of course, we will simply have to see what the future holds for both battle royale and Battlefield V.

Battlefield V is set to release on October 19, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot

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