DICE Considering Subscription Service for 'Battlefield'

DICE Considering Subscription Service for Battlefield

When the topics of a multiplayer shooter, especially one as popular as Battlefield 3 (which just recently scored big at the BAFTAs), and a subscription service are brought up within the same sentence it's enough to make an entire fan base cringe. Though the idea of a pay-as-you-play service was thrown around back before the release of the next Call of Duty, that plan never came to fruition, but that doesn't mean the same can be said for Battlefield 3.

For now, though, developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts are looking at a subscription service for Battlefield that more closely follows the example of Activision's Call of Duty Elite rather than a monthly membership for multiplayer. However, according to EA's Patrick Sonderlund they might be attempting something even better than what Call of Duty Elite delivers.

While Battlefield does have a service that closely resembles Call of Duty Elite in their Battlelog, it isn't quite as fully featured nor does it offer a premium section. For Elite that premium membership entitles patrons to first dibs on DLC and some increased clan support, something that EA and DICE are surely considering.

Beyond just a mention of a better version of Battlelog, unfortunately, Sonderlund wouldn't speak on what new features the developers are considering. It's far too late, with three new DLC packs already announced and headed to Battlefield 3, for this Battlelog 2.0 to make its debut just yet, but perhaps it will be for the next iteration or even Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

And there's no telling how closely that service might come to being a membership service that incorporates a yearly or monthly payment just to participate in the game's multiplayer. It would certainly be a poor decision on EA's part to do so, but considering the success of this franchise, it might also be a very lucrative one.

How would you like to see DICE and EA incorporate Call of Duty Elite's features into something subscription-based for Battlefield? In what ways can they make Battlelog better than Elite?

Source: Venture Beat

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