DICE Unveils 'Battlefield Play4Free'

DICE reveals new title Play4Free

EA Games and DICE have officially released the name of their latest project, Battlefield Play4Free. The newest title in the Battlefield franchise will follow suit after Battlefield Heroes' freemium model, but it will be directed towards the hardcore gamer.

"We broke new ground in 2009 with the launch of Battlefield Heroes; a game that has 6M registered players worldwide. Now we are complementing that arcade shooter with a core, realistic Battlefield shooter experience that fans have been clamoring for," said James Salt, Senior Producer, Battlefield Play4Free. "Battlefield Play4Free is for serious shooter fans who are looking for a premium--but free--experience that rivals top console titles."

Earlier in the week we analyzed what DICE already had on the table, and came to the conclusion that the Battlefield Heroes team was the obvious candidate to build the new title. Although Battlefield Heroes was successful with its comic based graphics, it makes perfect sense to appeal to their regular Battlefield audience. In addition to the other teams currently busy with Medal of Honor and Battlefield 3, the heads of Battlefield Heroes all stated that they were in attendance of the press conference that would unveil Battlefield Play4Free.

According to the EA Games’ Ben Cousins:

"What we’ve done is created the idea that came from Battlefield Heroes where we create a free to play battlefield game, but we’ve taken it up another level. This is first person, the graphics are much more realistic and it’s aimed more at the traditional first person shooter fan."


According to Cousins, maps and vehicles are coming from Battlefield 2, but DICE has upgraded them. The map layout will have changed slightly and the graphics will be improved to incorporate the latest game engine improvements. From Battlefield Bad Company 2, DICE has taken the class system and weapons. Lastly, RPG style leveling and customization system - the ability to purchase various objects to customize your character - will come from Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield Play4Free users will have access to new combat skills and earn in-game money to spend on weapons and equipment. They will also have access to 16 vehicles including the Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter, the F35 VTOL jet fighter, the Russian T-90 main battle tank, an armored APC and the LSV light strike vehicle.


Previously DICE thought Battlefield Heroes would be reaching out to a different audience, but they have found hardcore gamers were also getting involved. "After playing games on their console or PC, maybe now they will switch over to the free to play games," said Cousins. Although information is still minimal on the new title, DICE has made it clear that PC gaming is not dead. They are also still porting Battlefield 1943 from consoles to the PC, but has yet to release a solid release date at this time.

Do you think DICE is making a smart move by adding a new freemium game to their line up? Will Battlefield Play4Free hold you over until Battlefield 3?

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