Can DICE Fix ‘Battlefield’ Mobile Franchise?

By | 4 years ago 

DICE can make a kick-ass video game engine (see: Frostbite 2) but can they make a good mobile game? They’ve yet to try but that hasn’t stopped parent company Electronic Arts from pushing the Battlefield franchise (celebrating its 10-year anniversary) to mobile devices in the past. That however, doesn’t mean they’ve done it successfully.

EA tried to mimic the success of  Battlefield: Bad Company 2 by bringing it to the iPhone/iTouch and it was not pretty. Poor controls and weak multiplayer infrastructure prevented it from being a worthy pickup and its successor, was even worse. Now however, DICE is hiring devs to help develop a mobile game, one based on their big franchise (guess what that is) that would help expand it from just HD platforms to touchscreen devices.

After Battlefield 3 released last fall to represent EA’s greatest video game launch ever with 5 million units sold in its first week, the company tried again, quietly releasing a multiplayer mobile version earlier this year titled Battlefield 3: Aftershock sponsored by the film Act of Valor, but it was so bad and broken it was completely removed from the app store. I can say that from experience but I never got to play one game with it as it couldn’t connect.

With DICE – the legit developer behind Battlefield – potentially crafting a mobile experience in-house, we hope this is the formula for success for Battlefield on mobile platforms, assuming of course, that’s what DICE is hiring for. Superannuation discovered that DICE currently has job openings posted for mobile online programmer, a mobility usability designer, and a mobile Frostbite engineer, all to help “construct a world class gaming experience” on touchscreen devices.

There’s no Battlefield or Medal of Honor coming to the Vita or 3DS (that we know of) so why not take advantage of the iPhone craze, the latest device of which is destroying world records with 5 million units sold in three days after hitting stores. With AirPlay becoming a popular option for multiplayer and interconnection functionality, DICE has a massive untapped market to go after with their next-gen gaming engine, especially if they can tie it in with Battlefield 4.

Please EA, don’t release this one until it works.

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Source: DICE (via Kotaku)