Although most of EA‘s press has been focused on Battlefield 3 (for obvious reasons), its other Battlefield properties continue to quietly chug along in the background, serving mass audiences for much less than sixty dollars.

Valve’s Team Fortress 2 might have gone free-to-play yesterday, but Battlefield Heroes has been free since its inception, and this summer will introduce one of its more interesting, and possibly more enticing, updates the game has seen so far.

If you have somehow failed to notice, this might be the biggest summer for superheroes ever in the entertainment industry. From Thor, to Green Lantern, to X-Men: First Class, superheroes have become an unavoidable presence both in the movie theater and inside our consoles. It seems Easy Studios is going to capitalize on this influx of heroes by introducing a few of its own.

Check out the trailer to see just what Metallo and Captain Royal have in store for the war:

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Throwing tanks through the air, jumping over airplanes, and running faster than The Flash seem to be just a few of the abilities Metallo and Captain Royal will have at their disposal to crush any and all opponents who stand in their way.

Battlefield Heroes has kept up a steady release schedule for updates over the past two years, providing their audience with dozens of new weapons, costumes, and abilities to spruce up the battlefield and cause chaos in new and exciting ways. They have managed to do this without charging a single penny for new players to jump in, but almost all of the new content, such as these Extraordinary Heroes, are only available through the cash shop.

Earlier this year we saw the Punk Heroes make their way into the skirmish, and the Buccaneer Heroes threw their pirate hats in the ring last month.

The arsenal of soldiers is growing at a very healthy rate, hopefully signalling Battlefield Heroes will stay one of the most robust and continuously updated free-to-play shooters on the market.