'Battlefield Hardline' Runs at 720p Resolution on Xbox One

Battlefield Hardline 720p Resolution on Xbox One

With the PS4 and the Xbox One both promising huge graphical leaps over their predecessors, the topic of frame rates and resolutions has been highly talked about since even before the two consoles launched. Some people say that frame rates and resolution don't matter since most gamers can't tell the difference, but for others the PS4's higher graphical output has been the very reason that they bought Sony's console instead of the Xbox One.

In the past year or so, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag have all made headlines for looking better on Sony's machine. And, while there are other reasons why people haven't been buying the Xbox One as much as Microsoft had hoped (until the recent discounts, of which the key factor was price), it certainly doesn't help that the PS4 is constantly being touted as 'the console with the best looking games'.

In Microsoft's defense, the company has done their bit to try and improve the Xbox One's graphics, including an update to the console's SDK (Software Development Kit) and the announcement of DirectX 12 for PC and Xbox One, which will hopefully make the console more efficient. Microsoft's efforts may have been in vain though as the cops vs robbers first person shooter, Battlefield Hardline, is the latest game to have a higher resolution on PS4 than it does on Xbox One.


That's what the game's developer Visceral Games tweeted in response to a fan, confirming that Battlefield Hardline would run at the same graphical level as Battlefield 4 on current-gen. This will be concerning to some given that the resolution of a game determines exactly how much detail its graphics offer. Even though many Hardline Xbox One players won't even notice the difference (especially as Visceral has engineered the game to be fast) it will still be disappointing to know that the graphics of their version of the game are subpar to those on other platforms.

Furthermore, some may just be frustrated that the console versions of the game run at sub-1080p HD resolutions, while those playing Battlefield Hardline on PC can "play at much higher resolutions, 1920x1080 and beyond" and can even run at framerates of over 60FPS according to Visceral Games gameplay systems producer Mike Glosecki. With so many gamers having powerful PC gaming rigs these days, it's quite common for PC versions of games to look much better than their console counterparts. But, with the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of Hardline all offering varying levels of visual quality, many will be asking why Visceral wasn't able to to get all three versions of the game up to scratch.

What is hopeful is that the resolution of the game could improve, post-launch, as Respawn aimed to do with Titanfall. Stability issues will be on Visceral's agenda first though, as they look to avoid the same problems that faced BF4 at launch, so should a resolution bumping patch get added to Battlefield Hardline at some point in time, we'll be sure to cover it.

Do you think that a game's resolution makes a difference? Will you be playing Battlefield Hardline on Xbox One, despite the lower resolution?

Battlefield Hardline is set to release on March 17, 2015 in North America and March 20 in the UK for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

Source: Visceral Games

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