'Battlefield Hardline' Players Experiencing Connection Issues on Xbox One

Battlefield Hardline Connection Problems Xbox One

In the past, a new Battlefield game launch would have gone by with general excitement from its fans and nothing more. Now, those early hours have come under intense scrutiny, as players watch and see whether the new game’s servers can hold under the oncoming pressure.

Unfortunately for Battlefield Hardline, it appears that pressure was slightly too great on Xbox One, with gamers reporting connection problems on the platform. Electronic Arts acknowledged the issues on Twitter saying that the development team is looking into them and hopes to have them fixed as soon as possible. A later update from EA claimed the Xbox One problems were the result of a DDoS attack.

Luckily, the Battlefield Hardline online problems aren’t nearly as prolific as Battlefield 4’s at launch, but this is no less troubling. Many held off on picking off Hardline to see whether the game could survive the first 24 hours, and apparently their trepidation wasn’t entirely unfounded.




That being said, it sounds like the Xbox One problems are not of the game crash or bug variety, which puts Battlefield Hardline in a better place than Battlefield 4 at launch. Yes, there are some connection issues on Xbox One but they aren’t impacting every Hardline player on the platform. Some are able to connect to the game’s multiplayer and access its cops vs. thieves modes with little trouble. Still, anything that involves Battlefield and online problems is sure to bring up feelings of déjà vu.

As most know, Battlefield 4’s problems were more than just immeasurable server load, but stemmed from a somewhat broken end product. Hardline, on the other hand, appears to run fine once players can connect online.

Battlefield Hardline Heist Mode

Those sentiments were echoed in day one reviews for Battlefield Hardline, which recognized the campaign’s originality and gave the multiplayer credit for preserving the franchise’s spirit. Neither of those elements were recognized as genuine standouts, though, but were labeled as decent iterations of past series standbys.

Hopefully, Visceral Games and EA will be able to get these online problems fixed sooner rather than later, as any prolonged connection issues are sure to further tarnish the franchise’s standing. Then again, it’s possible that Battlefield 4 did all the damage it could in 2013. We’ll have to wait for March sales numbers to know for sure.

Have you experienced any connection problems with Battlefield Hardline? If so, what were your problems and on what platform?

Battlefield Hardline is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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