Video game publisher Electronic Arts gives Xbox One fans a gift by making the shooter Battlefield Hardline‘s Getaway DLC free on the Microsoft console.

With DICE and Electronic Arts having shown off its forthcoming World War I-themed shooter Battlefield 1 with a reveal trailer not too long ago, the developers are continuing to celebrate the franchise as a whole by now putting out a Battlefield Hardline add-on for free on Xbox One. As it happens, fans of the shooter who own the base game on Microsoft’s current generation console will be able to pick up Battlefield Hardline‘s Getaway DLC through this week as an Xbox Live Gold member without having to pay an extra cent.

Although Battlefield Hardline‘s Getaway DLC is only available for free on Xbox One right now, fans of the game on other platforms shouldn’t fret just yet about being left out of the fun. If the recent availability of the add-ons of Battlefield 4 ‘s Dragon’s Teeth and Hardline‘s Robbery mode as free on PC and PlayStation 4 at the beginning of this month are any indication of DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ plans for the title’s Getaway expansion, then it should be available without cost on platforms other than Xbox One soon enough.

For those unaware, Battlefield Hardline‘s Getaway DLC is the third of four expansion packs for the game which is originally priced at $15, so being able to get it without paying extra is a majorly good deal. For instance, not only did the expansion bring about four large maps called including Double Cross, Pacific Highway, Train Dodge, and Diversion, but it also included new weapons, vehicles, as well as a Capture the Bag mode for its multiplayer.


Although Battlefield Hardline hasn’t really received much in terms of fresh content for the game in quite some time, save for the DLC that brought sword combat into the mix several months ago, fans of the title on Xbox One who only stuck with the base game will definitely find Getaway being free-of-charge a nice little gift from developers. Plus, it ought to serve as a decent reminder to fans of why they picked up the title in the first place.

Of course, it’s important to note that while many considered Battlefield Hardline to be satisfactory fun, it wasn’t as well-received as many of the other titles in the series. After all, upon its release, it ended up getting a batch of reviews that were mixed, as critics praised its ability to put a unique spin on the campaign, but panned all of its other derivative elements.

In any event, even if Battlefield Hardline‘s wasn’t as beloved as its predecessors, the title still sold a lot of copies, as its sales eventually went on to top the excellent Bloodborne created by From Software. With that in mind, DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ offering of Hardline‘s Getaway DLC for free on Xbox One will surely reach and be appreciated by plenty of fans.

Battlefield Hardline is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Xbox (via VG 24/7)