‘Battlefield Hardline’ Coming October 21st; Official Trailer

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The official unveiling of Battlefield Hardline has certainly not gone according to publisher Electronic Arts‘ plan, but then, it just wouldn’t be E3 without a little bit of chaos. After existence of the game – focusing on the war between cops and robbers – was leaked weeks ago ahead of schedule, fans have been waiting to see an official reveal at E3 2014. Luckily they must wait no longer, as the first official trailer for Hardline has been released, along with a confirmation that the game will be hitting the market on October 21, 2014.

The trailer, titled ‘Into the Jungle’ focuses heavily on the urban warfare set to be the game’s distinguishing characteristic, setting it apart from prior installments in the DICE-created series. With Dead Space studio Visceral Games handling development this time around, it’s been expected that the shift from battlefields to city streets won’t be the only significant change to the formula, but the trailer shows that at least in terms of presentation and vehicular mayhem, they’re keeping to tradition.

The trailer comes just hours after it surfaced elsewhere online, along with a batch of new screenshots highlighting the SWAT vs. Thieves game modes. Where the previously leaked gameplay trailer explaining the singleplayer and multiplayer story was later reported to be intended for internal use only – and featured gameplay nearly six months old – fans now have their first look at the game Visceral and EA are prepared to show off to the world. We just hope this doesn’t mean that the planned reveal at E3 2014 has been spoiled ahead of time.

All things considered, the new footage isn’t too shocking, since a much larger portion of gameplay has already made its way online to interested parties. However, it is abundantly clear that EA is employing new tactics in their efforts to gain ground in the AAA shooter market. Going to-to-toe with Call of Duty in modern military adventures has proven a flawed cause; so with both Titanfall and now the urban crime of Hardline, it seems a varied stable of shooter stories and online experiences is planned for the foreseeable future.

It’s a safe bet that EA’s media briefing at E3 next week will at least include some words from Visceral Games’ leadership, perhaps giving a clearer delivery of the main characters, the story, and how next-gen consoles will shape new multiplayer modes. The trailer stops short of confirming which consoles the game will appear on – previous or current gen, or both – although the smart money says EA will be keeping Hardline a cross-gen offering to maximize sales.

Battlefield Hardline Trailer Release Date

What are your impressions of Hardline now that some of its attitude and action have been officially showcased? Were you hoping to see it make the committed leap to next-gen, or are you still unsure of Visceral’s skills when it comes to FPS gameplay? Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for more information as it’s released.


Battlefield Hardline will be released on October 21, 2014 for unannounced systems.

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