Does 'Battlefield Hardline' Feature Dinosaurs?

Battlefield 3 Dinosaur


Gamers have frequent and abundant requests for game developers, and many times developers will acquiesce those requests. However, there are a handful of gamer desires that have gone unanswered for years, despite massive support from the gaming community to see them happen. One of the biggest requests is Battlefield players' call for DICE to add dinosaurs to one of the Battlefield games.

What started as a silly forum discussion topic has bloomed into a full-fledged movement, and DICE and EA have only fueled the fire by adding dinosaur Easter Eggs in the last couple Battlefield games. Player's hopes were brought to a peak a couple years ago when Battlefield 3's Community Manager told players over Twitter that if they could get #BF3Dinos to trend on Twitter, it would be really hard to ignore. The hashtag did in fact trend, but DICE ignored it anyway.

With each new Battlefield, players are once again hopeful to see dinosaurs enter the fray, and it may finally be happening in the upcoming Battlefield Hardline. A new video has surfaced that shows players taking down dinosaurs in the game. Well, sort of. It seems Visceral and DICE are once again teasing Battlefield fans, this time by giving players dinosaur masks during a beta play through of the new Riptide map.

Battlefield 3 Dinosaur

So, no, there are still no true dinosaurs in Battlefield, at least as far as we know. However, after waiting many long years, we're sure it feels at least a little bit rewarding to gun down a dino-head-toting player in Hardline, even if it is a long way from players' true desires.

Will we ever see dinosaurs in Battlefield? At this point, we are as likely to see a dinosaur mode added to a Battlefield game as we are to see the release of Half Life 3. It's a huge desire, but one that will likely continue unanswered for many years to come. Yet as long as there's a Battlefield franchise, there will be calls for a dinosaur mode.

A good replacement would be if DICE and EA allowed players to mod the current round of Battlefield games – at least then players could build the dinosaur mode themselves. Unfortunately, those wishes have yet to be granted and likely won't be anytime soon, at least according to the publisher.

While speaking about modding Battlefield 3, an EA exec informed players that the Frostbite engine is too difficult to mod, so they wouldn't be opening the game or future Battlefield games to modding. However, for those gamers who are itching to take down dinosaurs in a military-themed game, we recommend trying the "Reign of Jurassic" mod in Arma 3. Granted, this mod is still in the early stages of development, but it's a lot farther along than Battlefield's dinosaurs.

Do you think we'll ever see a dinosaur mode in a Battlefield game? Let us know your prediction in the comments.

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