First Look at ‘Battlefield: Hardline’ Criminal Activity DLC Maps

By | 1 year ago 

Visceral Games’ Battlefield: Hardline came out just over two months ago, meaning that it’s about time for the studio to inject new life into the multiplayer-centric shooter. The game’s first of (presumably) many DLC packs – Electronic Arts is its publisher, after all – is titled “Criminal Activity,” and while it won’t introduce airplanes to the cops n’ robbers-themed FPS, it does come with four new, highly destructible multiplayer maps.

Fans already knew that the four maps would be called Backwoods, Code Blue, The Beat and Black Friday, and that two would be set at night, but Visceral’s official statement didn’t include any images. Thankfully, an anonymous source contacted the fan-run Battlefield Bulletin Twitter feed with a copy of Criminal Activity’s upcoming trailer, and while the video remains private, the man behind the Bulletin was kind enough to share a few pictures of Battlefield: Hardline’s new environments. And no surprise, they look great.

As it turns out, Code Blue is the name of a swanky nightclub, while Black Friday refers to a sun-drenched suburban shopping mall. The Beat takes place in a run-down urban neighborhood, and Backwoods hosts shoot-outs in a semi-abandoned logging operation out in the middle of a forest. All four maps have their own vibe, yet none of them look out of place in Battlefield: Hardline’s crime-soaked setting.

In addition to the new maps, Criminal Activity also ships with two new rides, two new ammunition types, a new gadget, three new weapons, a nailgun pick-up, a new “Bounty Hunter” game mode, and six new masks. That’s a pretty healthy array of content, although more details – what those weapons are, how exactly Bounty Hunter mode works, etc. – have yet to be revealed. Players do know that Criminal Activity will be available to players who purchased Battlefield: Hardline’s Premium edition at no extra charge; everyone else can pick up the DLC for $15.

Criminal Activity launches in June for Premium members, and likely shortly after for regular players. It’s not clear how long it’ll be before the next piece of Battlefield: Hardline DLC comes out, especially in light of the recent turnover at Visceral Games. Shortly after Battlefield: Hardline launched, Visceral general manager Steve Papoutsis left the studio; Papoutsis’ departure was followed by a round of (unrelated) layoffs.

In addition to Battlefield: Hardline DLC, Visceral is currently working on an unnamed Star Wars project.

Source: Battlefield Bulletin