‘Battlefield Hardline’ Beta Coming To PS4 For Sony E3 Experience Attendees

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With the attention of the gaming industry and all those around it beginning to turn towards Los Angeles and the annual E3 trade show, the biggest surprise going into the show has been the number of surprises surfacing in advance of its kick-off. One such announcement was that of Battlefield Hardline and now details on the game’s beta have begun to surface.

Despite the gameplay of 2014’s Battlefield entry having yet to receive a formal announcement – that’s expected at E3 – it looks as though players will be able to get their hands on Battlefield Hardline sooner rather than later. While the game will be releasing on current and last-gen consoles, PS4 users will be getting the first chance at taking down crime should they attend one of Sony’s E3 events being held in cinemas across North America.

This comes following a report on IGN that those who have RSVP’d for one of Sony’s in-cinema E3 events have begun receiving emails with PS4 beta codes for the game included. As part of this beta, users will reportedly get access to “two new game modes” on the map High Tension. For those interested in attending one of these free events, the PlayStation Blog has provided the details and venues that will be participating.

Battlefield Hardline Beta Gameplay Video

With so many companies opting to accompany their announcements with CGI footage and the promise of gameplay in the future, the prospect of a beta that will hopefully follow hot on E3’s heels could be a strong bid to win back those hurt by the netcode issues that were present in Battlefield 4. Despite promises that Hardline would not interfere with Battlefield 4‘s continued support, the game’s launch has left a sour taste in many gamers’ mouths.

Putting aside any issues with past Battlefield titles though, Hardline looks to be a breath of fresh air for the iconic series. From a focus on providing a strong single-player campaign to expanding upon the much-sought-after heist genre, this could easily end up being one of the highlights of EA’s press conference. With less than a week before E3 kicks off, it won’t be long before all sorts of juicy information makes its way into the public’s hands.

Are you planning to attend one of the screenings of Sony’s E3 event? Is the change in Battlefield scenery something that you’re looking forward to or would you like to see a continuation of their military shooter titles?


Battlefield Hardline is slated for release later this year for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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