'Battlefield Hardline' Beta Slightly Extended

Battlefield Hardline - Assaulting the Bank Vault

There's only a little over a month left until EA launches Battlefield Hardline, but the recent beta for the game isn't slowing down at all. People all over the world are checking out Visceral Games' take on the series, be it out of excitement or curiosity, and those numbers were impressive enough for the publisher to capitalize on the enthusiasm and extend the beta, albeit slightly. 6 million players (total, not playing at the same time) is too big of a number to ignore, but some may feel the extension doesn't quite reflect that.

Steve Papoutsis, VP and GM at Visceral took to EA's blog, The Beat, to discuss the overwhelming amount of beta participants and announce that the Battlefield Hardline beta will now end tonight, February 9th, Pacific Time. Previously, the beta was scheduled to end on Sunday, but the aforementioned player count warranted the change, which also gives players a little more time to mess around with the game and share feedback.

Now, sure, an extra day may not seem like a good "Thank You" gift to 6+ million people, but Hardline's had multiple betas now, and the game comes out in March. A little waiting never hurt, and the devs need this remaining time to incorporate community feedback.

Even more importantly, however, this little bit of extra time could be just the thing a few players need to finally experience a few of those weird (and incredibly rare) reload animations.

"Now, I know what you’re asking yourself. We’re just five weeks away from the launch of Battlefield Hardline, how could we possibly be acting on that feedback? Well, I can assure you we are. In fact, we’ve already been prioritizing changes for things fans are talking about.

"We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the community one more time. We love the two way dialogue we’ve established."

The beta offers players four playable modes and three maps, while Papoutsis states that, upon release, Hardline will feature seven multiplayer modes, nine maps and a full-on single player campaign that will be "nothing Battlefield has ever seen before." To get a good look at the single-player, or to simply remind yourself of what the campaign will be like, EA and Visceral put out a 12-minute gameplay trailer a few months ago.

Battlefield Hardline releases in full on March 17, 2015 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Expect the final release to have more easter eggs, microtransactions, and its own premium service.

Source: EA's The Beat

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