‘Battlefield Hardline’ DLC Trailer: Low Riders, ‘Dead Space,’ & More

By | 1 year ago 

After going toe-to-toe with Call of Duty for the title of “Most Over-the-Top Simulation of Modern Warfare” for the past decade or so, this year the Battlefield franchise decided to shake things up a bit. Switching from the front lines of combat to the war on crime, Battlefield Hardline drops players into a good old-fashioned game of cops and crooks. Gamers jumped at the chance to play both sides of the law, making Hardline the top-selling game in March 2015.

A game like Battlefield Hardline lives or dies on the multiplayer side of things, and it’s lost a little steam on that front over the past couple of months. Hopefully the Battlefield Hardline community will get a dose of new energy with the Criminal Activity DLC pack, set to release next month — and two weeks earlier for Premium subscribers. Developer Visceral Games had already announced that the Criminal Activity DLC would introduce four new maps, two new vehicles, three new weapons, new masks, new ammo types, and more. Now the above trailer for Criminal Activity has given players a better look at what to expect from the DLC.

Names for the four new multiplayer maps had already been revealed, but the video showcases what Battlefield Hardline gamers will be working with once the DLC drops, and there’s definitely a nice bit of variety. “Code Blue” is set in and around a swanky, neon-drenched nightclub. “The Beat” will drop players into the other end of the spectrum, amidst rat-trap apartments, gas stations, and illegal chop shops. This snippet of the video also shows off some of the DLC’s low-riding new vehicle options. “Black Friday” moves the action to a locale beloved by both sullen teens and George Romero zombies — a shopping mall. Finally, “Backwoods” leaves the urban sprawl behind in favor of a scenic slice of nature. It looks like it will have players running around a logging camp and other forested areas.

Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity -- Masks

Criminal Activity will also be giving players new wardrobe choices. The DLC will add six new masks into the mix: two animal masks — which can be seen in the video — and four police headgear options. But the video also showcases one very recognizable mask, which may be usable in-game or could just be an Easter egg. Around the 30-second mark, sharp-eyed viewers will recognize Isaac Clarke’s iconic helmet from Dead Space on display inside the mall. There’s every chance this is just a fun little reference for fans of the sci-fi horror franchise who also enjoy a bit of Battlefield action, but it would be pretty badass if Isaac’s mask is actually one of the new helmet options. Bonus points if they let gamers equip the plasma cutter.

Criminal Activity will undoubtedly lure back some Battlefield Hardline players who had moved on to other games, but it remains to be seen how long that multiplayer bump will last. Maybe they should throw some necromorphs into the fray as well?

Battlefield Premium customers will get Criminal Activity for free, but everyone else will be able to purchase it for $15. Premium players will also get access to it two weeks early. Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity will release in early June for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.