Ex-Battlefield Devs Making Horror Game with Killer Vikings

Ex-Battlefield Devs Making Horror Game with Killer Vikings - Project Wight concept art

Ex-Battlefield and Payday 2 developer David Goldfarb reveals his new project, a horror game called Project Wight where players play as a monster fighting vikings.

David Goldfarb is known for his work on the Battlefield franchise, and for his stint as game director of Payday 2. Two years ago, Goldfarb made the decision to leave AAA game development behind, starting his own studio with other Battlefield series veterans. Goldfarb's studio, The Outsiders, has finally revealed its first project, an intriguing horror game currently known as Project Wight.

Project Wight is set during the early days of the Viking era, but with a twist. In the world of Project Wight, humans share the world with a species of strange, intelligent beasts. In a typical video game scenario, players would play as a viking to fight off these creatures, but in Project Wight, players actually control the monsters, as they attempt to survive the eradication of their species by the vikings.

Based on the sneak peek trailer posted by The Outsiders, Project Wight appears to be a stealth game, first and foremost. Players are encouraged to hide and run away from attacking vikings, as their weapons pose a significant threat to the creatures in the game, especially the younger ones. However, that's not to say that the monsters are completely defenseless against the vikings; on the contrary, older creatures can defend themselves and fight back.


Near the end of the gameplay sneak peek, we see the player take control of one of these older beasts. The older monster, described as an "adolescent" by Goldfarb, bites into the throat of one viking before sending him flying off the side of a cliff. It then glides off the cliff to a viking camp on the ground, stunning the vikings with a roar, and then ripping another one of their throats out while dodging sword attacks. The screen then fades to black before we can see what happens next.

Overall, Project Wight seems like a unique idea for a horror video game. Players have been given the chance to play as monsters before, like in Left 4 Dead's multiplayer, but rarely do games paint humanity in general as the bad guys. This could create an interesting dynamic with thought-provoking themes to go along with the violence and gore.

Those intrigued by the trailer for Project Wight may be wondering when they can play the game and on what platforms it will be available on. Unfortunately, The Outsiders have yet to share any specific platforms for the game, let alone a release window. Having said that, a PC release seems like a safe bet since it uses the Unity engine, and the official Outsiders YouTube channel indicated in the comments section that consoles are a possibility as well. Over the next few months, these details and more on Project Wight should be revealed by Goldfarb and his team.

Project Wight is in development for unspecified platforms.

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