Battlefield Drops Battlelog Name for Companion App


DICE reveals that Battlefield’s companion app is losing its Battlelog branding in advance of Battlefield 1's release, with the app soon to be called Battlefield Companion.

With the upcoming release of Battlefield 1, the entire Battlefield franchise has been getting something of a redesign. Not only is the title taking players to a rarely seen era in gaming, but the game's campaign is also going to offer up some major differences from previous titles in the series. However, it’s not only the game itself that is going to be different, as other elements of Battlefield are also being changed, such as the apparent retirement of free social platform Battlelog.

As it turns out, the near end of Battlelog has also had a knock-off effect for other aspects of the Battlefield franchise. DICE has revealed that the Battlefield companion app, which was previously known as the Battlelog Mobile App, is being rebranded for the release of Battlefield 1, with the Battlelog monicker removed altogether. From this fall onwards, the app will simply be known as Battlefield Companion.

The app will function as a support for owners of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4, allowing users to see a career overview of themselves and their friends. As well as this, the app will also allow users to create their own custom soldier loadouts for use with the game. Those looking to build a Medic loadout on their way home from work, for example, could find the app as a bit of a time-saver. The app will also apparently have an optimized interface, complete with easier navigation.


DICE has confirmed over on the Battlefield website that this update to the Battlelog Mobile App will be arriving at some point this fall. Those concerned about losing any information through the update of the app, however, do have a fallback option. According to the developer, users will be prompted to update the app, and by refusing to update the previous form of the Battlelog app will still be available.

The removal of the Battlelog monicker from the app does seem to make sense from a branding point of view. With the release of Battlefield 1, Battlelog will apparently be left on the sidelines in favor of other forms of additional media. Nonetheless, some may feel a bit bemused given the long-running status of Battlelog, and the expansive growth of the system that came with Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 1 has certainly held the attention of gamers, and with good reason. So far, the title has shown off some serious potential, with the recent single player Battlefield 1 trailer receiving high praise since its release. With the game's launch just around the corner, gamers won't have long to wait to get their hands on the game proper.

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Battlefield Companion app update will be arriving this fall.

Source: Battlefield

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