More Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge games are inevitable – for fans and Electronic Arts, it’s just a question of when. With Battlefield 3 hitting it big for the publisher last year as the company’s biggest launch ever, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter coming this fall, 2013 will without a doubt see a new Battlefield title, although it may not be the already-confirmed Battlefield 4.

As for the stylistic parkour franchise that Mirror’s Edge writer Rhianna Pratchett wishes to return to, given the right circumstances, it may already be in development as we’ve speculated on before.

First, let’s talk shooters. Just like Activision has been doing for years with the Call of Duty franchise, Electronic Arts is planning to do with their modern shooters, alternating annualized releases between developers DICE (BF) and Danger Close Games (MoH). This year is Medal of Honor 2 so next year is a new Battlefield game which will likely be Battlefield: Bad Company 3 and the return of Preston Marlowe.

GamerZines located some interesting information on three developer resumes on LinkedIn, one of which name-drops the unannounced Bad Company 3.

Battlefield Bad Company 3 Resume

The other two curricula vitarum both list Mirror’s Edge 2 and come from ex-EA employees. One claims he worked on “the wandering of crowd system within Unreal 3 engine” and the other on leaderboards and mini-games.

The original Mirror’s Edge was built on Unreal Engine technology but for its sequel, all signs point towards it making use of DICE’s own Frostbite 2 engine, so we wonder if the Unreal-powered Mirror’s Edge 2 was scrapped back in February 2011 when we reported on EA halting production of the sequel. Perhaps it was re-kindled with the advent of DICE’s new game engine, which the latest rumors seem to indicate.

With the full Wii U coming in just a few weeks at E3 2012, both titles could be part of EA’s keynote presentation since they are a key supporter of Nintendo’s new home console.

A Frostbite 2-powered Mirror’s Edge could be a showstopper at such an event and Bad Company 3 could make up for the lackluster and forgettable campaign of BF3, since it focuses more on its characters and has a foundation that would lend itself to a proper, comprehensive co-op campaign which Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor both failed to offer.

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Source: GamerZines