New 'Battlefield Bad Company 2' VIP Map 'Heavy Metal' is Colossal

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Map Heavy Metal

DICE and EA Games have been ramping up information on their Battlefield franchise, and the latest is a preview into one of the largest Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps yet, Heavy Metal.

VIP Map Pack 7 will add four new multiplayer levels to the game; Oasis and Harvest Day will return from the original Battlefield Bad Company, and Cold War and Heavy Metal are converted from the new campaign mode. DICE has released new details that highlights some of the features that will be seen in one of the largest maps to come to the Battlefield Bad Company series.

Heavy Metal will focus on a combination of open field battles and close combat. Although unclear as to exactly how large the map will be, from the new screen shots, it appears that each team will have access to at least two helicopters. There will also be a choice of attack and transport helicopters on Heavy Metal. To prevent air superiority from unbalancing the map, anti-air guns will be placed strategically to ward them off, although it's rare to see people use them.

Unlike some maps, Heavy Metal will have vehicle spawn points on each captured base to reduce the daunting distances between them. DICE also corrected an earlier post that stated Heavy Metal would include conquest, squad rush, and squad deathmatch; however, it appears squad rush will not be included. With Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Play4Free nearing closed beta, it's also likely that this will be the last VIP map pack for Battlefield Bad Company 2. Further evidence of this can be seen on the internal store, which no longer has any boxes for upcoming add-ons.

In other related news the new title Battlefield Play4Free will begin its closed beta sessions on November 30th. EA Games has a site set up for registration and also plans to give out beta codes through Facebook and Twitter. The freemium game will boast a combination of all previous versions in the Battlefield franchise, but for free.

DICE clearly has been listening to their community as they are bringing back two favorites and a large new map, but what is your preference? Do you prefer close combat maps or large open maps?

Currently there is no release date on the free Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIP maps.

Source: Battlefield Blog

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