'Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam' Gets Priced, New Trailer

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam

EA Games and DICE are sending out the Huey choppers in the next phase of the Battlefield series. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam has officially been priced at 1200 MS points or $15 and will be released this winter.

The multiplayer expansion pack will include 15 new weapons, six new vehicles, 49 songs from the 60s and four new maps set in Vietnam. EA has limited the information flow about the new expansion pack to a trickle, but released a new trailer that may provide additional insight into the game.


In the previous trailer there was hardly anything to be witnessed about vehicles except for the F-4 Phantoms, Hueys and technical jeeps. Now we see a few different types of tanks, a cargo style vehicle and hueys, but lacking the jets. According to the DICE's site however, the American Huey, Russian t54 tank and US PBR "Pibber" patrol boat will be included, but there are still three other mystery vehicles. Most likely two of the three will be another tank variation and a jeep.

As soon as DICE states they are bringing back the scooter, I will buy this expansion regardless of the price. There is just something intimidating about riding on the back seat of a scooter into an enemy base while blasting The Ride of the Valkyries. Sadly it doesn't look like the Phantom, Russian Mig or scooter will make a return into this expansion.

Fans of the original Battlefield: Vietnam may also be disheartened to hear that DICE will not be bringing back the Bouncing Betty or punji sticks. While the punji sticks were not very effective, it was a great defensive. From the trailer it would also appear that Hanoi Hannah will return to the airwaves. For those unfamiliar, Hannah is infamous for spouting off propaganda towards the G.I. during the Vietnam war and was featured in the original PC version of Battlefield: Vietnam. In particular she could be heard on the PA systems on Quang Tri during the reclamation of Hue.

DICE also announced on their Twitter feed that the Xbox Live Deal of the Week consists of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 add-ons. The SPECACT upgrade bundle is 320 MS points and Onslaught Mode is half off at 400 MS Points. Although the SPECACT upgrade isn't that beneficial, Onslaught mode is pretty awesome for an AI based co-op mode. It's definitely worth the money.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam will be released this winter for $15 on PC, PS3 and Xbox Live.

Now the question is soldier: Are you a bolt action riffle man or an M16 wielding killing machine?

Source: Bad Company 2 Vietnam blog

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