'Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam' Reveals 'Battle for Hastings' Map

Battle for Hastings revealed as fifth Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam map

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam will be released shortly and DICE has one more surprise to entice gamers to purchase the add-on: a bonus map. In the most recent trailer it shows how veterans can unlock a fifth level; the 'Battle for Hastings' map is said to be unlocked after 69 million collective team actions. According to the Battlefield Blog, the fifth bonus level will unlock separately on each console after the score threshold has been reached.

"You and all your friends playing on PS3, PC, or Xbox 360 need to perform 69 million team actions across Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. So what’s a team action? Well, it’s any and all of these: resupply, revive, heal, spot, and repair. We start counting on December 21st, so make sure you contribute from the start!"

It would appear that not only do the points from Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam count towards the jackpot, but the original game without the add-on will contribute as well. Battle for Hastings will feature boats, helicopters, tanks, jeeps, Tuk-Tuks, temples and a large bridge in the middle that acts as a no mans land. The gameplay featured in the trailer shows all of these vehicles at work, and some of the music likely to be found in-game. There is also new voice-over recordings for the add-on, which probably accounts for a good portion of the latest patch that was 2GB in size.


Similar to the 'Air Superiority' bonus in Battlefield 1943 after getting a specific number of kills, the score threshold will probably take less than a week to accomplish. Points for healing, providing ammo and spotting add up quickly.

Previously there was speculation on whether or not spotting would also be included in the Vietnam add-on as it appeared to be a tech advancement. The Recon class will in fact retain the ability to spot enemies with their scopes. After VIP Map Pack 7 has been released, the likely game refresh will provide enough players to knock the scores out quickly on the Xbox 360 and PC, but the PS3 may take longer as there are less Battlefield players on it.

Now that DICE has added an additional map to their lineup, does the Vietnam add-on have more of an appeal to you?

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam will release on December 18 on the EA Store and Steam and December 21 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It will cost $15 or 800 Microsoft Points respectively.

Source: Battlefield Blog

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