EA DICE’s big Battlefield reveal is on schedule for tomorrow at 4:00 PM EDT according to a newly released teaser featuring in-engine footage.

It’s been a big week for game reveals, but EA DICE insists that the week isn’t over yet. The Battlefield and Battlefront developer has one more surprise for fans arriving tomorrow. The reveal will, of course, be for this year’s iteration of the Battlefield franchise, though details regarding the game are scant. To help fans deal with the wait, EA and DICE dropped a teaser today – a short clip of in-engine cinematics that should have viewers smiling.

The clip features a relatively young man, his face covered in dirt and grime with pronounced lines of sweat, looking skyward in apparent awe as something covers him in shadow. The man himself seems to be a soldier of some sort, judging from his haircut, clothes, and state of disarray, but that’s hardly a reliable statement. What catches his eye is another matter entirely. There are clearly embers in the air, perhaps implying a battle or weapon of some sort nearby, but then why look skyward? Is there a plane or ship approaching?

Rumors regarding the next Battlefield continue to swirl, with the most prominent predicting a World War I setting. That setting would fit the teaser, with the soldier looking up towards a dirigible or plane. Other, less reliable rumors insinuate a sci-fi or future setting, which could also fit the teaser. Perhaps the man is looking up towards a space ship. Maybe the next Battlefield is a past-meets-future mixing of World War I and post-space exploration technology. What a battlefield that would create.

Speculation and rumor aside, the teaser alone should impress many fans. There’s really only one takeaway achieved from the teaser, and that is that DICE has managed to accomplish another level of graphics with their Frostbite engine, though everyone who has played Battlefront probably knows that by now. It must be said, and then likely repeated for clarification, that the teaser is not gameplay; it’s an in-engine cinematic. But it’s impressive nonetheless.

It’s more and more common each year that big holiday games try and announce their title prior to E3, as opposed to during the conference. So many games and details can get lost in an E3 press conference announcement, so getting the initial announcement out of the way and focusing on gameplay or features lets companies get the most of of the event (and game players too). Hopefully EA DICE has more than just an announcement trailer tomorrow, but don’t be surprised if that’s all they’ve prepared for now.

The next Battlefield will be announced tomorrow, May 5, at 4:00 PM EDT.