A listing on the Xbox Dashboard seemingly reveals the setting of the next iteration of DICE’s popular multiplayer first-person shooter series, Battlefield.

The Battlefield franchise is one of the most well-loved FPS series around, with the DICE-developed shooter one of the top tier franchises on the market. With that in mind, there has been plenty of speculation surrounding the next game in the series, Battlefield 5. Now, it appears as though the game’s setting may have been leaked through an unfortunate listing over on the Xbox Dashboard.

The console dashboard was sharing a link through to the world premiere event that is set to arrive later on today. However, promotion for this event was accompanied by a brand new image. Never seen before, the setting of the image in question seems to suggest that Battlefield 5 is bringing the series back to the early 1900s.

A character is shown in World War I-era attire, holding weapons from a similar time period as a zeppelin flies in the background. As it turns out, the users over at NeoGAF were quick to spot this newfound information, and were more than willing to share it around the world. Below is a capture of the image from the dashboard listing, from NeoGAF user Backfoggen.

Battlefield 5 setting

Should this reveal turn out to be accurate, this takes the Battlefield series in the opposite direction to its main rival, Call of Duty. At the end of last week, Infinity Ward revealed that the next game in the series was going to be Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, bringing the franchise into spacebound combat and offworld colonies for the first time. Although some have seen the positives in the move, many others have raised an eyebrow – including some DICE employees.

Rumors surrounding the move back to the early 1900s have actually been circulating for some time. Earlier in the year, whispers began to spread that the next game in the Battlefield franchise would take place during World War I, and those initial rumblings appear to be accurate. It certainly ties in with previous comments from the series’ publisher, with EA CFO Blake Jorgensen stating that the next Battlefield would return to the franchise’s military roots.

In terms of an official announcement on the game’s setting, fans of Battlefield will not have long to wait. In fact, DICE is planning to officially reveal some major Battlefield news at 4:00 PM EDT, so it is only a matter of hours. Until then, gamers can always take another look at this teaser video using impressive in-engine footage.

The next Battlefield game will be announced today, May 6, at 4:00 PM EDT.

Source: NeoGAF