Battlefield 5 Reveal Planned for May 6

Battlefield 5 world premiere date announced

Games publisher Electronic Arts officially confirms the world premiere date for Battlefield 5, with the upcoming shooter rumored to be set in World War 1.

Battlefield 5 is a game that publisher Electronic Arts has been hyping up since 2014. At the 2014 UBS Global Technology Conference EA CFO Blake Jorgensen told attendees that they should expect a “fun, new Battlefield” that would be a return to the series’ military roots. Jorgensen followed this up some months later during an EA investor call, revealing that Battlefield 5 would be released in 2016. So, with the seeds of interest firmly planted in minds, people are eager as ever for a proper look at the next release in the massively popular franchise.

Battlefield fans will be glad to know that the wait will soon be over, with EA having now set the Battlefield 5 reveal date for May 6th. EA encourages fans to tune in to the official Battlefield Twitch page at 1PM PT/4PM ET to “witness the live premiere of the new Battlefield game.”

In a press release, the publisher also reveals that fans of the franchise will be able to “get insight into the minds of the developers as you hear from the Creative Director Lars Gustavsson and Lead Producer Aleksander Grondal on the past, present and the future of Battlefield.” EA also says that fans will be able to “join in the conversation as we open the floor to questions.”

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While EA hasn’t confirmed any information about the game ahead of the world premiere, recent online rumors have suggested that Battlefield 5 will be set in World War 1. A leak from German retailer World of Games described the upcoming title as a World War 1 tactical shooter, also stating that the title would be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 26.

As well, Joe Brammer, the producer of Battalion 1944 (the WW1 shooter that was successfully Kickstarted earlier this year), tweeted that he has seen “BF5 things” and he is “beyond excited” for the game. Of course, that's not an outright admission that Battlefield 5 is going to the past, the fact that Brammer has seen the game suggests a potential connection between the franchise and WWI.

Again, it’s important to stress that nothing is confirmed. However, a World War 1 setting would make perfect sense given the current status of the first-person shooter landscape. Call of Duty is arguably the Battlefield franchise’s biggest competitor and with the next game in the Call of Duty series said to be set in the very far future and with the (rumored) Modern Warfare remaster set to give shooter fans a revamped taste of the present, Battlefield 5’s WW1 setting could help set it apart from the rest. Moreover, with recent BF title Battlefield Hardline failing to capture fans’ attention with its cops vs. robbers gameplay, a game set in WW1 could be the perfect way to win fans back.

Are you looking forward to Battlefield 5? Which setting do you want to game to focus on? Let us know in the comments.

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