‘Battlefield 5’ Not Releasing in 2015

By | 2 years ago 

While most didn’t expect developer DICE would rush the release of Battlefield 5, what with the previous game releasing with so many problems, the company has yet to actually say anything official on the matter. But, given that Battlefield 4 was a 2013 release and Hardline was originally a 2014 game, it’s well within the realm of possibility that Battlefield 5 is targeting a 2015 street date.

However, the analysis firm of Stern Agee doesn’t see it that way. They believe that while Electronic Arts might have originally envisioned Battlefield 5 as a 2015 release they have changed gears for three key reasons.

Before delving into those reasons, though, it’s important to point out that the 2015 release date is merely an assumption on Stern Agee’s part. Thus far, neither EA nor DICE has made any indication that they planned to release Battlefield 5 in 2015; the firm was simply operating under the assumption that Battlefield is now an annual franchise.

With that being said, Stern Agee comes to the conclusion that Battlefield 5 likely won’t hit in 2015 because of Hardline‘s impending release, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Battlefield 4‘s poor reception. It’s not exactly earth-shattering reasoning, if you ask us, but still worth considering.

The most obvious reason for Battlefield 5‘s delay is Battlefield Hardline‘s release in the spring of next year. While the BF franchise might have been strong enough to sustain two releases within a single calendar year, we doubt that is still the case. Hardline‘s delay likely delayed Battlefield 5.

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Moreover, the lack of quality with Battlefield 4 likely forced DICE to re-evaluate launching a fifth numbered entry so soon. Like with Hardline, chances are the developer will want to take some extra time to get the game right, rather than make sure it hits within a specific time frame.

But most of all, it’s the looming release of Star Wars: Battlefront that likely played the biggest part in Battlefield 5‘s release plans. DICE’s highly anticipated multiplayer shooter is currently targeting a summer 2015 release date, which leaves little time for Battlefield 5. Star Wars is a huge property right now thanks to Episode 7 and Battlefront was beloved by gamers everywhere, meaning this latest game could be even bigger than Battlefield.

That’s all to say, DICE actually doesn’t need to worry about Battlefield 5 right now, as fans will have no problem waiting. There is solid content in the pipeline already and the Battlefield name needs some time to recover.

Did you think Battlefield 5 would release in 2015? Is Star Wars: Battlefront a bigger franchise than Battlefield?

Source: IGN