Battlefield V: Every Multiplayer Map Confirmed for Launch

Battlefield V every multiplayer map launch

Earlier this week, EA and DICE revealed a brand new trailer for Battlefield V's game modes. One of the biggest reveals is that the game will include eight multiplayer maps at launch. It wasn't just a case of tell and not show, either, as the trailer actually included a look at all eight of these maps.

For those who missed the maps or aren't sure which one is which, we've listed all eight of the Battlefield V multiplayer maps below. Not all of them have officially confirmed names just yet, and so we've used placeholder nicknames for some in the absence of formal titles. Let's take a look.


Battlefield V multiplayer maps Rotterdam

At launch, Battlefield V's multiplayer will span four regions, with each region getting two maps. The first multiplayer map set in the Netherlands is called Rotterdam. DICE apparently did extreme research into the city during the setting (in 1940) in order to recreate its dense city streets.

The map looks absolutely gorgeous, but players will quickly tear it to shreds. Those who have already tested out the map, either at gamescom or during the open beta which is currently taking place, say that they almost feel bad about blowing the city to pieces.


Battlefield V multiplayer maps Devastation

Battlefield V has another Rotterdam-set multiplayer map called Devastation - both Rotterdam and Devastation feature in the Battle of Holland mission in the Grand Operations game mode. This map highlights the huge destruction caused by the battle between the Dutch and German forces, and it features charred and broken buildings and even a train that balances perilously on a bridge.

DICE has confirmed that the Devastation map has been built with "dynamic destruction," which means that different parts of the map and its bombed-out streets will crack, move, and shift during the course of play. It makes gameplay more "realistic," says DICE.

Twisted Steel

Battlefield V multiplayer maps Twisted Steel

Unlike the city-set maps of the Netherlands, French Battlefield V multiplayer map Twisted Steel will transport players to the once "serene" countryside. The map is full of wide and expansive spaces and various clusters of trees. The open space leaves players vulnerable to aerial attacks or they could be mowed down by tanks moving across the plain, but it also makes enemies easy pickings.

The Twisted Steel map is also home to a massive bridge, which DICE says is the "biggest structure ever modeled" in a Battlefield game. It's a hugely important strategic location and it's recommended that players try to take it with a coordinate assault or prepare to defend it with everything they've got (including the new fortifications).

"Yellow Fields"

Battlefield V multiplayer maps France fields church

Fans also got a glimpse at the second French map during the trailer. At around the two minute (2:00) mark in the video, a character can be seen running through a yellow field with a rifle in-hand. This multiplayer map does not yet have an official name, but Battlefield YouTuber Westie did dub it "Yellow Fields" when posting about the trailer on Twitter.

In the distance, there is a line of trees, and fans can spot a church on the right-hand side. Very little else is known about the map so far, but that church will likely be another important strategic point that players will want to keep a tight grip on.


Battlefield V multiplayer maps Hamada

The Hamada map is the first of two set in North Africa. It features a large-scale tank battle, and it has been inspired by a "strategic point" between Libya and Egypt. Several "pivotal battles" between the Axis and Allied forces took place between 1941 and 1942.

Like the Twisted Steel map, Hamada will be very much focused on vehicular combat. Making best use of Battlefield V's vehicles will require teamwork, as some players act as spotters and fire weapons, while another guides it through danger and on to the next objective.


Another unnamed multiplayer map to feature in Battlefield V at launch has been dubbed "Airfield" by Westie. This map appears to be the second North Africa map and offers up a smoky and on-fire style in comparison to Hamada's dusty, rocky outcrops.

The billows of smoke and the aircraft in this map may well provide good cover. However, this also goes for your opponents and it means that players may want to stay sharp so that enemies don't get the jump on them.


From the warmer climes of North Africa, we move to the chilly, snow-covered landscape of Norway. The Narvik map (sometimes referred to as the Arctic Fjord map) is set during the Battles of Narvik which took place in the spring of 1940.

This map is set in a residential area and so is populated by plenty of houses for players (and their opponents) to hide in. Of course, Battlefield V multiplayer is big on destruction, so with use of a tank or high caliber bullets, players could obliterate these homes and the hiding places along with them.

"Snow Mountain"

Battlefield V multiplayer map Norway mountains

The eighth and final Battlefield V multiplayer map available at launch has been dubbed "Snow Mountain" by fans. It can be spotted at around 2:08 in the trailer, as DICE provides an aerial view of the location.

From above, it seems that the map will see players converge in the center at the top of a mountain. This central location is dotted with buildings, which will probably be great for hiding in. But the positioning of the map also makes it perfect for aerial bombardments, meaning that these buildings may not hold up for long.

These are just the eight multiplayer maps that will be available at launch. It's important to note that DICE also plans to introduce additional multiplayer maps to Battlefield V post-launch as parts of its free Tides of War content plan.

Battlefield V will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 20, 2018.

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