Battlefield V Launch Trailer Revealed

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Battlefield is returning to its World War II origins, bringing Battlefield V back to the war campaign that defined the franchise for years. Today, Electronic Arts has decided to celebrate the game's release with its official launch trailer. Origin Premiere Access subscribers now have full access to the online multiplayer shooter, with standard EA and Origin Access players having limited trials until the game's full launch on November 20.

The Battlefield V launch trailer shouldn't prove to be particularly exciting to those who have already been following along with the game's various trailers so far. In its minute and a half, the trailer covers a broad stretch of content, but features little to no actual gameplay. The trailer shows a variety of in-engine cinematics, building hype by teasing some of the most exciting pre-constructed scenes of the game.

The video also serves as an accolades trailer, featuring several quotations from popular Battlefield V reviews. The first wave of Battlefield V reviews have been very strong, with several outlets latching onto the idea that the franchise is back on track. Players will now be able to see that for themselves whether that's true.

In addition to the launch trailer, Electronic Arts also released an article listing five bullet points about "What's New" in Battlefield V. In practice, it reads much more like what Electronic Arts believes is worth calling attention to, because all points are strong reasons to consider revisiting the franchise.

First is the game's World War II setting, which ought to feel familiar to fans and stir adventurous emotions in ways other settings may struggle with. Second is the game's Grand Operations, an expansion of Battlefield 1's Operations only with an expanded scope that should make the multiplayer mode all the more exciting.

Next is the game's new Company system, which allows players to build and customize their soldiers, weapons, and vehicles. Fourth is the Tides of War plan to introduce free post-launch content to Battlefield V, including the battle royale mode in 2019. Lastly, EA touts a reworked weapon control system with highly tuned and improved gun-feel for all of WW2's most iconic weapons.

There are plenty of other reasons to play Battlefield V, but the five listed above are a great place to start. The bigger problem is figuring out what subscription or pre-order to get so as to play as soon as possible.

Battlefield V officially releases on November 20, 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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