Battlefield 5‘s highly anticipated battle royale mode, Firestorm, may be launching very soon. Firestorm has been announced for a March 2019 launch, but DICE and EA have so far remained quiet regarding a specific release date. Nevertheless, Battlefield 5 players have begun to see Firestorm-related Daily Orders activate in their games, perhaps indicating a surprise launch any day now.

On Tuesday, Battlefield 5 players began reporting that Firestorm missions started appearing in their Daily Orders. Daily Orders are missions that change every day, tasking players to accomplish specific goals like scoring points in Grand Operations and rewarding them with in-game currency. Since Firestorm isn’t actually available yet, players weren’t able to complete their Daily Orders. However, it did set off a bit of speculation that Firestorm might be out soon.

The Daily Order that popped up for players was a generic one. Battlefield 5 players were tasked with scoring 500 points in Firestorm, a Daily Order designed just to get one into the mode.

While the Daily Orders didn’t betray much information about Firestorm, they did lead curious Battlefield 5 players to investigate a potential release coming up a little more closely. A datamine revealed that much of the battle royale mode is already in the game’s client. A tutorial trailer was even leaked. DICE may be just a button press away from launching Firestorm.

The Battlefield 5 datamine revealed a lot of interesting details about Firestorm. There’s even a tutorial video showcasing Firestorm’s basic structure of parachuting in, scavenging for loot, and surviving to be the last player standing. Firestorm will apparently feature Solo, Duo, and Squad queues as well. What makes Firestorm different from other battle royale modes is its classic WW2 FPS, a mixture of vehicles, a basic class structure, and “Reinforcement” abilities like artillery strikes and supply drops.

By all accounts, it seems like DICE is ready to release Firestorm into Battlefield 5 very soon. If that is the case, then a potential release date seems to be next Tuesday, March 12. Coincidentally, that’s the same date Apex Legends is rumored to release its Battle Pass. Alternatively, DICE may launch Firestorm today, tomorrow, or over the weekend, or could even delay launch into mid-to-late March. All that’s apparent is Firestorm appears ready, which should be very exciting for Battlefield 5 and battle royale fans.

Battlefield 5 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit