‘Battlefield 4’ Weapon Customization Detailed; PC Requirements Revealed

By | 3 years ago 

With only a few weeks until the Fall season is upon us, many publishers and developers are trying to make sure gamers know any and everything that’s new and exciting about their forthcoming games. DICE, for example, wants to ensure that Battlefield 4 fans know how they will be taking their beloved multiplayer experience to the next level.

While they have already detailed Battlefield 4‘s new vehicle test range, multiplayer kits & upgrades, as well as the second-screen experience, this latest reveal digs deeper into multiplayer customization. Specifically, DICE wants to show gamers how they will be able to customize their weapons to fit their own unique play style.

Of course, weapon customization starts with accessories — and Battlefield 4 has a ton of them, more than triple the amount featured in Battlefield 3. On top of that, DICE has increased the number of slots available for accessories, allowing players to mix-and-match their single weapon in more than 240,000 different ways.

DICE has also included a very important rundown of each accessories’ performance stats, so players can know how exactly a specific item will benefit their play. If a player is looking for an accessory or weapon with better hip fire accuracy over range, then these stats will help them find the best one.

Battlefield 4 Weapon Customization Snipers

While a lot of the bigger improvements with weapon customization appear to be focused towards the short range players, DICE has also added something very important for snipers: the ability to “zero” their rifle. Zeroing a scope as a sniper means calibrating the scope based on the way a bullet loses trajectory over greater distances. By doing this, players that favor hanging back can take out their targets with greater certainty.

And finally, although it doesn’t it fit into the weapon customization department, DICE has also detailed Battlefield 4‘s new “Battle Pickups.” Battle Pickups are weapons strategically placed around a map that provide an advantage to any players that come across them. For example, the Paracel Storm map in BF4 has a .50 cal sniper rifle that is said to pack a punch.

Overall, what DICE is bringing to the table as a far as weapon customization sounds as deep as fans could hope for. Whether or not the minute differences between accessories will be enough to provide an advantage online is unclear, but 240,000 options per weapon almost sounds overwhelming.

Where things might get a bit more contentious is with the Battle Pickups. As most Battlefield fans can attest, the scramble for vehicles can occasionally ruin a multiplayer match. So, if yet another advantage is thrown into each map, it’s hard to imagine there won’t be yet another thing for players to run frantically towards, not caring if they team kill along the way.

In other Battlefield 4 news, DICE has revealed the minimum and recommended PC specs for the game so that players can plan out their last minute RAM or graphics card purchases before the game hits in October. Check them out below to see just how powerful a rig you will need to run the game:

Battlefield 4 PC Requirements

While many gamers will get by with their current PCs no problem, if they want to run the game at recommended settings it sounds like Battlefield 4 might be a bit more demanding. DICE claims that the game is still best experienced on the PC, so those thinking about upgrading might want to take the leap. Or you can pick up a PS4 or Xbox One, as those consoles will have optimized versions of Battlefield 4 available.

What do you think about the weapon customization options DICE is adding for Battlefield 4? Will your PC meet the recommended specs for the game?

Battlefield 4 launches October 29, 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360; on November 15th for the PS4; and November 22nd for the Xbox One.