[Watch the full 17-minute Frostbite 3 powered Battlefield 4 gameplay video here!]

Electronic Arts invited us to attend the unveiling of Battlefield 4 this evening, and while we couldn’t make our way down to San Francisco, we can always count on leaks to provide us with the information we’re missing.

And with that, the UK version of the first teaser trailer of Battlefield 4 – and the first look at in-game footage – is here, and as expected, it looks like Battlefield 3 but with more Rihanna.

The relatively short BF4 teaser shows loads of exciting action sequences but most of what’s depicted is scripted and not representative of actual gameplay. Excerpt it sort of is, since we know exactly how the game will playing by comparing it to Battlefield 3 which brings us to the biggest question of all – will Battlefield 4 feel like a true next-gen successor, especially after BF3 launched before its multiplayer was polished out, or is it Battlefield 3.5?

No Battlefield 4 Wii U

DICE is using the same – albeit impressive and next-gen ready – Frostbite 2 engine to build the game, but it takes place in the same time period, with many of the same technologies, vehicles and weapons, and this has been the concern for the title since the get-go (insert Call of Duty comparison). From the Battlefield 4 teasers however, there is a hint that naval warfare may play a greater factor.

[Updated with official 60-second teaser. 30-second leaked version below.]

Battlefield is about the multiplayer and that’s what the game will be judged upon the most. Rumor has it, the game will see the return of one important feature inexplicably removed from the last installment – the Commander mode – and that on next-gen consoles it’ll support 64-player matches, something the current-gen consoles couldn’t support, which left PC players with a vastly superior version of the game.

An onslaught of Battlefield 4 details will release in the next few hours as the embargo lifts at 11pm PST. Stay tuned!

Battlefield 4 likely releases this fall for the PC and current/next-gen PlayStation & Xbox.

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