‘Battlefield 4’ Finally Gets Squad Join Feature on Consoles

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Battlefield 4 didn’t launch into combat without its fair share of bugs and server issues, but its multiplayer provided consistent entertainment despite the numerous setbacks that came intertwined in both the online and offline experience. Joining up in a squad and working together towards victory in multiplayer mode was one of the trademark experiences for the series as a whole, which is why console gamers were so disappointed that a proper ‘party’ or ‘squad’ system never appeared. Today, DICE finally managed to push out an update to remedy the lack of persistent squad capabilities.

While some may have thought DICE would take longer to implement this feature than it took took for EA to add an offline mode in SimCity, the Swedish-based developer has pushed out the update with the mantra of ‘better late than never.’ It may be too late to retain console gamers tired of waiting, but you won’t hear existing fans complain that the feature did eventually arrive – even if its just in beta form for the moment.

Squad Join allows players to saddle up with up to 4 friends and deploy straight into combat as a unit; a feature which will sound like a no-brainer to casual multiplayer fans. Once within a squad, gamers can stay with their friends even as maps change and rounds come and go. Provided that there’s still an open slot in a squad, a friend can join from the menu at any time and hop right in on the action. It’s a component that isn’t new to the FPS genre or the Battlefield series in general, and one that console gamers will know is highly overdue.

Battlefield 4 Squad Join

DICE has been supplementing the Battlefield 4 experience with a range of downloadable content to keep the maps interesting, which sometimes contain giant sharks and the legendary and ever-elusive dinosaurs. Neat Easter Eggs aside, it’s problems like the lack of a simple squad system that truly kept Battlefield 4 from being a great game – and hopefully, this is something DICE will correct with their next foray in the series.

What do you think, Ranters? Did this update take too long to arrive, or are you just happy to see it finally get patched in?


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Source: Battlefield Blog