At Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, DICE announced Second Assault, a forthcoming DLC pack for Battlefield 4. Although details regarding Second Assault were, at the time, slim we did know the DLC map pack was a timed exclusive on the Xbox One.

Now, as revealed by DICE earlier this week, we know that Second Assault will feature four fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3, recreated using Frostbite 3. DICE has yet to reveal which four Battlefield 3 maps might make an appearance in Second Assault, but they have provided a few clues.

Over on Reddit, Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz revealed that Operation Metro and Caspian Border are runaway favorites among Battlefield 3 fans. This leads us to believe both of those maps will make up half of the Battlefield 4 Second Assault offering.

Other maps that appear to be getting the most love in unofficial polls include Grand Bazaar and Strike at Karkand. It seems only fitting that if DICE wanted to give fans their Karkand fix, they would do so through this first DLC pack. For now, though, it appears Operation Metro and Caspian Border are the safest calls as far as DLC maps are concerned.

Battlefield 3 Operation Metro Map

Caspian Border is an easy choice for fan-favorite Battlefield 3 map as it is one of the biggest maps in the Battlefield 3 selection. It was only trumped for the title of biggest map by Bandar Desert, which released with the Armored Kill DLC pack.

Operation Metro, on the other hand, is a fan-favorite likely because of its familiarity. The map was plastered over every bit of Battlefield 3 multiplayer promotional material, and was included as part of the Battlefield 3 early access beta. In other words, if you played even the tiniest bit of Battlefield 3 online, you likely encountered and will recognize Operation Metro.

And that’s one of the key draws of Second Assault, seeing how DICE is able to use Frostbite 3 to make recognizable maps that much better. That way gamers will have a solid point of comparison.

There’s currently no release date for Second Assault, but the Xbox One is targeting a November debut.

Which Battlefield 3 maps would you like to see featured in the Second Assault DLC? Which maps do you think DICE should cut from contention?

Battlefield 4 releases October 29, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: MP1st