While developer DICE is always looking for new and exciting (and hopefully functional) features to add to their Battlefield franchise, they are also, at the same time, doing their best to give players a familiar experience. Part of delivering the familiar, for example, involves bringing back features from past games that were deemed successful by the Battlefield fan base.

For example, one such feature that is set to make a comeback for Battlefield 4 is Platoons. Platoons, for those that might not know, are Battlefield‘s versions of clans.

With the introduction of Platoons, Battlefield 4 players will also gain access to several new features for interacting as part of a Platoon’s 100 members. There will be individual public and private messaging channels for Platoon members, as well as tools for inviting, promoting, and demoting.

Once in a Platoon, players will gain access to an emblem and tag created by the Platoon leader, and they will be able to rank up their Platoon by completing specific objectives. The one stipulation to ranking up is that there must be at least four fellow Platoon members in a multiplayer match.

All Battlefield 4 players need do is hop onto Battlelog and they should be able to join a Platoon. Those who want to create their own Platoon, however, must be Battlefield 4 Premium members.

It’s worth mentioning that this is only the beginning for Platoons in Battlefield 4, DICE has plans to continuously improve the service, taking into account player suggestions and real-world feedback.

Unfortunately, DICE’s experience with real-world feedback thus far has been unequivocally poor, with many gamers calling it quits on Battlefield 4 after the game’s numerous server and connection problems. Many gamers, in fact, are looking at this Platoons feature as something that should have been available at launch, alongside stable servers and a bug-free singleplayer campaign.

Battlefield 4 has definitely improved since launch, but some are still reporting struggles, even if most of the big issues have been ironed out. Those who were willing to fight through the problems, or were lucky enough not to experience any, now have a new feature to look forward to.

Platoons started out as a small-scale beta test but the feature went live today for all Battlefield 4 players.

Are you happy to see Platoons added to Battlefield 4? What has your experience been with the game recently?

Source: Battlelog