With Battlefield 4 launching in the US just yesterday, many are already noodling away in the arenas that DICE has created. While reviews found the single player less-than-essential, the game is being lauded for its vast and destructible multiplayer landscapes. Using the new ‘Levelution’ element, many have found the kinds of cinematic events that are usually reserved for single player embedded into the multiplayer experience. Be it a massive ship flying on shore in the middle of a game or floodgates collapsing to transform a map into an aquatic arena, ‘Levelution’ and destructibility are creating dynamic battlefields for competitive military heads to annihilate.

To celebrate the launch of the game’s multiplayer, a new trailer has dropped today showing off some of the fun you can have with your friends. That includes, but is not limited to, riding a quadbike up a lift, driving through a group of enemies and ramping off the building as it collapses to then hit a helicopter on the way down.

Although, before you get too excited and carried away, just be sure to know that it won’t all be quadbikes off of buildings and air-fights in a neon city. Many have reported bugs with the experience, with a rather huge range of issues plaguing select gamers. Problems range from crashes in singleplayer and multiplayer, graphics and audio bugs as well as multiple issues with the game’s social service Battlelog. When talking to Reddit, Battlelog engineer JB Riley confirmed that server queues had been disabled because it was “a bit buggy,” thus making it harder for gamers to get into full matches.

DICE is on the trail of fixing these problems as a patch has already been issued to try to alleviate problems. For those who are a part of the PC master race,  you are reminded to update graphic card drivers for optimum performance. As we have seen countless times over the last few months, and with brand new fears about the Xbox One’s launch, video game companies are struggling more and more to deal with releases without extensive problems. Day one patches are no longer the exception but the norm, which is all apart of the extended reliance on servers and online services. Whether that is a reasonable compromise for the connected abilities available to gamers in the modern day is up to each individual.

Are you willing to deal with launch issues or do you find them unacceptable? How are you enjoying Battlefield 4? Have you experienced any issues online yet? There is a Reddit thread reporting and offering help with bugs for those who want some quick answers.

Battlefield 4 is out now on PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 platforms. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One versions will launch just prior to their respective launches.

Source: Reddit (via International Business Times)