Gamers interested in the latest news on Battlefield 4 should look no further than this post, as we have quite the bevy of information to unload. Over the past few days, several BF4 announcements have been made, with features rolling out soon or finally being unveiled. Additionally, the Battlefield 4 servers were hit with a nasty DDOS attack, but DICE was quick to respond and all is good now.

First up, is a “Known Issues” thread for Battlefield 4 in which players can find out which multiplayer and single player-related problems DICE is aware of and presumably working to fix. It’s quite the comprehensive list, and also includes detailed notes for the latest Battlefield 4 patches, so head to the forum post here to see what’s a known issue, and also to share any new problems you may have encountered.

Next is news for the Commander Mode App, which just launched for iOS and is slated to hit Android devices soon. With the app, players can utilize all the functionality of the Commander Mode — a returning feature for Battlefield 4 — from practically anywhere.

The app works with any platform, and does not require a Wi-Fi connection. Granted, the Commander Mode is the least exciting part of a Battlefield 4 match, but is still a great way to get that multiplayer fix from anywhere. The app is available for download now.

Battlefield 4 Commander Mode App

Finally, we have some news on Batllefield 4‘s first DLC offering, Second Assault, which will hit the Xbox One first this Friday. As fans already know, Second Assault will feature four Battlefield 3 maps — Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, and Operation Firestorm — redesigned using the new Frostbite 3 engine. That means greater destructibility through Battlefield 4’s new “Levolution” feature, and improved overall visuals.

In addition to bringing four fan-favorite maps back, Second Assault is also reintroducing the Capture the Flag game mode. Obviously, Battlefield‘s bread and butter mode is Conquest, but the omission of Capture the Flag in the vanilla offering was a head-scratcher. It’s good to see that DICE is bringing it back.

Those gamers who want to see each Second Assault map in action should check out the videos below courtesy of MP1st. It will come as no surprise that the maps do their Battlefield 3 counterparts justice, but they are not straight carbon copies either.

The maps feature new pathways, new obstacles, and some bigger changes to break up the flow of combat. As YouTube user LevelCapGaming points out, the new wall in Caspian Border significantly alters vehicular combat on that map.

As was mentioned, each map has a new “Levolution” feature to add some much-needed dynamism to the familiar territory, and the YouTube-r revealed each’s big change. Operation Metro lets players destroy whole ceilings, Gulf of Oman has a sandstorm, Caspian Border has a massive toppling tower, and Operation Firestorm has a pipeline that, when shot, starts sending flames sky high.

As DICE prepares for the launch of yet another Battlefield 4 platform and the first DLC, there is likely to be more and more news about the game, from improvements to new details. Make sure to stick tuned to Game Rant for all you need to know.

Have you encountered any problems on Battlefield 4 that are not on the “Known Issues” list? What do you think of the Second Assault DLC?

Battlefield 4 — Second Assault releases November 22, 2013 for the Xbox One.

Source: DICE, MP1st, LevelCapGaming