'Battlefield 4' Gets 'Core Gameplay Improvements'; Free For A Week

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It’s been a rough and rocky first year for Battlefield 4, the first person soldier shooter that was released in October 2013. From the ‘Death Shield’ bug that let corpses become grenade reflectors to ‘rubber banding’ that pinged players all over the map, the bugs have become a primary concern.

They’ve become such a huge problem that EA investors claimed after launch that the publisher misled them on Battlefield 4’s issues and quality. That has spawned several lawsuits that even a crack legal team would be hesitant to take on.

Meanwhile, players have been so disgruntled that some have threatened to boycott Battlefield Hardline, the next game in the Battlefield franchise, saying that EA is establishing a poor track record of unfinished titles. So in an effort to appease everyone and right their blatant wrongs, EA and DICE have announced another huge Battlefield 4 update (in addition to delaying Battlefield: Hardline)

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Detailed by Battlefield 4’s Live Producer, David Sirland, the core gameplay improvements span from the foundations of the game to general Battlefield 4 aesthetics, suggesting that this is one of the most comprehensive updates to the game since its 2013 launch.

On the ‘Battlefield 4 necessities’ list, things like soldier movement will now begin to mirror the movement of soldiers in Battlefield 3. According to Sirland, the changes will make it “easier to get away from undesirable firefights,” which could make a huge difference when your team is on the back foot. While other updates that stop soldiers moving their heads around so much when they’re being shot will simply stop BF4 players from looking so silly.

Furthermore, Battlefield 4’s netcode will also be improved (again) to squash several other in-game issues. DICE now says that “trade kills and kills behind cover less of an issue by lowering the time allowed to damage on the client side” and the previously announced Automatic High Frequency Update will be rolled out onto PS3 and Xbox 360 in an effort to eliminate de-syncs and long bullet damage times like they’ve received a sniper’s headshot to the temple.

In terms of gameplay DICE is aiming to make things more balanced for players and to make Battlefield 4 more user friendly as well. Close and medium-range optic reticules don’t move with the gun any more, revives are now easier to use (a revive time even shows up on screen), while vehicles and weapon balances are also included, possibly effecting how long the average BF4 firefight lasts. The most noticeable gameplay improvement, however, might be the de-cluttering of the Heads-Up Display.

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Sirland was quite comprehensive in explaining the changes that will be brought to the game, although “general improvements and tweaks” to various game modes (including Rush, Obliteration and Capture the Flag) weren’t described. We will be able to download this new Battlefield 4 update sometime in September and for the time being, those not privy to Battlefield 4’s sometimes buggy/sometimes brilliant ways will be able to play the game on PC for free. Running until August 14th, Origin Game Time for Battlefield 4 will let people download the game though EA’s Origin platform and play it for an entire week.

How this works is that you have until the 14th to download Battlefield 4 for free and then you get 168 hours (an entire week) to play. But the good thing is that the timer doesn’t begin until you play Battlefield 4 for the first time.

The hours will count down in real time though — whether you’re playing BF4, taking a nap or reading up on a rival first person shooter — but 168 hours is plenty of time to whiz through the single player campaign and play the game’s multiplayer until Carpal Tunnel Syndrome takes hold. Make sure to check out the source links below to download the game.


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