‘Battlefield 4: Final Stand’ DLC Trailer Teases ‘2142’ Revival

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It’s been a long and tumultuous year for Battlefield 4 players but finally the finish line is in sight. Final Stand, the appropriately titled last DLC pack for Battlefield 4, is almost upon us, and today DICE has revealed a trailer that teases the pack’s contents.

Set amidst a blistery Russian landscape, Final Stand will take players to a series of locales highlighted by a combination of futuristic and natural terrain. There’s the typical snow-covered map “Operation Whiteout,” the icy seaside map “Hammerhead,” the forest-y map “Giants of Karelia,” and the futuristic installation “Hangar 21.” Check out each new Battlefield 4 map in brief detail in the trailer above.

Obviously, a major selling point for Final Stand will be the future tech teased briefly in the trailer. So far, we can tell that the DLC will include new vehicles like hover tanks, drones, and potentially even mechs, but we suspect there is more. DICE has also since confirmed that the snowboards rumor that circulated last month is true.

The prevalence of future tech also has us wondering whether DICE is tipping their hand with regards to the future of the Battlefield franchise. We know that this year’s game is Battlefield: Hardline – delayed from a fall 2014 release – but DICE has yet to say what they are working on, beyond Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2, of course.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand Trailer

It may be a long shot, but these hover tanks and mech facilities have us wondering if DICE might be gearing up for a Battlefield 2142 revival. Or maybe this is DICE’s playful nod to 2142 in DLC form. We won’t know until we go hands-on with Final Stand.

Coincidentally, though, gamers are already accessing Final Stand on PC as part of Battlefield 4‘s Community Test Environment (CTE). As we’ve previously explained, the CTE is a way for DICE to play test new updates or downloadable content on PC gamers before unleashing it onto the public.

DICE is releasing the Final Stand maps day by day, but those gamers who are in the CTE, which requires a Battlefield premium membership, are already seeing what the last DLC pack has in store for them. The rest of us will have to wait until Final Stand hits later this year.

What do you think of the Final Stand map selection? Do you think DICE should revive the Battlefield 2142 brand?

Battlefield 4: Final Stand currently has no release date.

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