'Battlefield 4: Final Stand' DLC Releases Tomorrow for Premium Members

Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Release Date


Given that it's been more than a year since the game's release, few would be remiss for forgetting about Battlefield 4. What with the troubled launch of the game and the subsequent delay of DLC as a result, Battlefield 4 has struggled to stay relevant, despite a steady flow of new content and gameplay fixes.

But now that regular content flow is coming to an end with the release of Battlefield 4: Final Stand. The final DLC expansion for DICE's high profile shooter is set to hit Premium members tomorrow, and then the remaining Battlefield 4 population on December 2nd.

Content-wise, Final Stand falls in line with prior Battlefield 4 expansions in that it includes several new weapons, gadgets, and vehicles for players to mess around with, along with four new multiplayer maps. Granted, the expansion doesn't go out of its way to offer anything new, but it does feature more content for the devoted Battlefield 4 fan.

For those who haven't been keeping track, the Final Stand map selection is framed around the idea of underground weapons manufacturing. Each map ticks a different box on the FPS checklist, be it the snow level or the future tech level. That snow level, called Operation Whiteout, is of particular interest because it also adds a snowmobile to the mix.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Release Date

All in all, Final Stand looks to fit the bill as far as a Battlefield expansion is concerned, but those who want to play it starting tomorrow will need to subscribe to Battlefield Premium. It seems strange to invest in a Season Pass at the end of the season, but those who haven't jumped on-board will also unlock the previously released DLC packs, China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, and Dragon's Teeth.

However, those who want to pick up Final Stand all by itself will have to wait until December 2nd, when the two-week Premium exclusivity window ends. Those gamers can then pick up the DLC pack for the regular $15 price.

After a troubled first few months, things got back on track for Battlefield 4, but not before significant damage was done to the brand. For most that was enough to either step away from the franchise until Hardline releases or maybe for even longer, but there are those still out there logging dozens of hours a week in the game. And for those players, DICE has one last gift.

Do you think the Final Stand DLC is worth the price? Will you subscribe to Battlefield Premium to get the content early?

Battlefield 4: Final Stand releases November 18th for Premium members on all platforms and then releases in earnest on December 2nd.


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