'Battlefield 4' Confirmed by EA President

Battlefield 4 Confirmed by EA President

In a move that is sure to surprise absolutely nobody, Electronic Arts President Frank Gibeau has confirmed that there will be a Battlefield 4. Speaking during a USC keynote, Gibeau simply said this year’s iteration will receive a numbered sequel, and that was it.

While this isn’t much to go on, given that Modern Warfare 3 just released it has to be a strategic move on EA’s part to let this little bit of information slip. Though, based on MW3 sales projections, Battlefield 3 might not have made the dent that gamers were anticipating it did start things off on the right foot.

The game sold extremely well, building off some solid pre-order numbers, so it’s an obvious decision to move forward with a sequel. Even Medal of Honor, which was way less of a success is getting another chance, so this much more popular franchise probably started getting the sequel talk a long time ago. Still, it's good to hear someone like Gibeau say the words out loud.

Now if developer DICE can get the singleplayer elements right, retain the appeal of the multiplayer, perhaps with some graphical improvements that mirror the PC version (64 players please), Battlefield 4 could be a solid contender once again. That isn’t to say Battlefield 3 was a disappointment on all fronts, it just simply wasn’t the complete package that many were hoping it to be.

And then there comes the question of whether or not Battlefield 4 will be a current generation or a next generation title. Since Battlefield is not being touted as a annual release — although the Bad Company offshoot could fill in those gaps — most would prefer to see DICE and EA hold off to get the console graphics on a similar playing field.

At lot can be said for what the developer was able to do with the consoles -- the game still looks pretty stunning -- but ultimately there are some rooms for improvement, and moving to a new console could upset that progression. Regardless, we’re excited for whatever Battlefield product is in the pipeline next, whether it’s Battlefield 4 for the consoles/PC or Battlefield 4 for the Xbox 720/PS4.

Are you ready for Battlefield 4? What would you like to see DICE do with a sequel? Do you think it should be on this current generation of consoles or the next gen?

Source: Industry Gamers

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