‘Battlefield 4’: Leaked Dragon’s Teeth Release Date & New Weapon Gameplay Vids

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To say that Electronic Arts has had a tough time with leaks in 2014 would be putting it mildly. In fact, one could argue that thanks to the troubles of Battlefield 4, the Battlefield Hardline leak, and a lackluster showing at E3 2014, EA could do without any more surprises.

Unfortunately, that isn’t how the business seems to be going as of late, with leaks becoming a common part of everyday news. Just ask Cliff Bleszinski, whose Boss Key Productions studio was accidentally outed mere days before its official unveiling.

As it turns out, however, EA and developer DICE are the only ones to blame for this recent leak, as a rogue tweet seemingly confirmed a release date for Battlefield 4‘s upcoming Dragon’s Teeth DLC. The tweet has since been taken down, but you can see a screenshot of it below.

Dragons Teeth DLC Release Date Leak Tweet

Of course, Electronic Arts has yet to confirm the date, but that should change soon if it is legitimate. As well, if this July 15th date is real, then Battlefield 4 players who are not Premium members can expect to see the DLC hit their respective platforms two weeks later on the 29th.

Alongside the leaked Dragon’s Teeth release date, YouTuber Westie (via VG 24/7) has posted a quartet of gameplay videos featuring the four new weapons included with the DLC. Check out the videos below to see the CS5 Sniper Rifle, the Bulldog Assault Rifle, the MPX Submachine Gun, and the Deagle in action.

All told, the Dragon’s Teeth DLC looks to offer a substantial package of content for those Battlefield 4 players still duking it out online. Four new maps, four new weapons, and a ballistic shield for a little protection — what more could players ask for?

Well, if you’re an American Battlefield 4 player who likes a little more patriotism in their online multiplayer experience, then you probably enjoyed the recent Independence Day Easter Eggs DICE added to the game. It’s unclear how long the Easter Egg will last, but for now they add a colorful tinge to explosions and jet trails, as well as a full fireworks display, to the BF4 multiplayer map Dawnbreaker.

It’s important to mention, though, that the Independence Day Easter Eggs are only included in the CTE (Community Test Environment), meaning only PC players who are enrolled in the program can play show their National pride.

Are you looking forward to the release of the Dragon’s Teeth DLC for Battlefield 4, or have you moved on? What do you think of the Independence Day Easter Eggs?

Source: VG 24/7

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