‘Battlefield 4’ Dragon’s Teeth DLC Launch Trailer & Battlefest Details

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With only a few hours left until the launch of the Dragon’s Teeth DLC pack for Battlefield 4, developer DICE has kicked their promotional tour into full gear. First and foremost, the developer has announced a month-long program called Battlefest that will feature plenty of Battlefield-themed events, including double XP weekends, screenshot contests, and prize giveaways. But more importantly, DICE has unleashed the launch trailer for Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth, which readers can check out above.

As one might expect, the Dragon’s Teeth launch trailer is packed to the brim with explosions and bombast. The Battlefield franchise, especially this fourth numbered iteration, has built its legacy on chaotic multiplayer combat and large-scale destruction, so it’s no surprise to see that trend continue here.

Dragon’s Teeth, for those who might not be keeping track, takes players inland to four unique Asia Pacific locales. It features a handful of new weapons, a new accessory in the ballistic shield, and plenty of opportunities for Levolution.

Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth Launch Trailer

It’s important to mention that the launch of Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth is July 15th for Premium members only. As with all past DLC offerings, subscribers to EA’s elite club will get two weeks of exclusivity, before the maps go on sale for all gamers on the 29th.

Battlefest, on the other hand, will be open to every Battlefield 4 player, and will offer a different daily event, unlock, or contest for gamers. The “fest” actually started this past weekend, but it will run until August 13th.

At the center of Battlefest is the Battleshot contest, which each day asks players to submit screenshots within a given category. DICE will then choose a daily winner and that person will receive an AMD graphics card, $50 to the DICE store, and a Battlefield 4 premium membership. So those who might not have the money for Dragon’s Teeth right now but have some talents capturing awesome in-game moments are encouraged to test their creative skills every day.

Battlefest First Week Schedule

It may have been a steep uphill climb for Battlefield 4 after release, but it appears that after fixing most of the game’s bugs, DICE has settled into their regular post-launch routine. However, it won’t be long before publisher EA completely turns their focus over to Battlefield: Hardline.

Hardline represents a huge gamble for the franchise with a completely different concept (cops vs. robbers) and a new developer in Visceral Games, and it has to overcome the bad press from BF4‘s stumbles. Hopefully, fan-driven events like Battlefest and a solid collection of DLC will help wear away some of that negative reputation in time for Hardline‘s release in October.

Are you looking forward to the release of the Dragon’s Teeth DLC? Will you participate in Battlefest?

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth hits Premium members on all platforms July 15th and then opens up to all gamers on July 29th.

Source: EA