Leaked ‘Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth’ DLC Details; Official Unveil This Week

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Over half a year after hitting retail, developer DICE is still working away at bringing Battlefield 4 to a playable state that meets the demands and expectations of the community and devs themselves. Netcode errors have resulted in issues (see: death shield) online, some of which (see: rubber-banding) have been helped with a recent upgrade of EA’s online servers. Other issues with the game itself are hoped to be tackled by getting players involved via the Community Test Environment (CTE).

With E3 2014 just a few short weeks away, it’s not a greatest time for looking towards the future of Battlefield franchise since the latest release has been met with disappointment (and multiple lawsuits from shareholders), and still isn’t in a state it should have been when it launched. The squad join feature was only added to the console versions of the game last week. No joke.

With rumors of another potential Battlefield title coming this fall (police-themed), and DICE also developing Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2, we should all be concerned about what sort of quality and features these titles will deliver, and how rushed they may all be since we’re seeing more deadline-driven development. Then again, Need For Speed is finally taking a year off this fall, so perhaps EA is turning it around.

Nevertheless, DICE and Electronic Arts are still plugging away on the monetization front, meaning DLC and more DLC – despite apparently slowing down on DLC development to focus on repairing and improving the main game. Next up on the expansionary pipeline is the Dragon’s Teeth pack which is set to be unveiled via new gameplay footage this week.

Check out the high-res Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth image here.

Like previous expansions China Rising, Second Assault and the most recent Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth will be adding four new maps to playlists. According to BF4 leaker (who’s been accurate so far) HattiWatt1, these are the names of the new locations:

  • Sunken Dragon
  • Propaganda
  • Pearl Market
  • Lumphini Garden

And the 10 new assignments and corresponding weapon/gadget unlocks, shared by elementofprgress and NoctyrneSAGA on the Battlefield Symthic forums:

Unica 6

  • Do something at a specific point on Map X (not in a round)
  • Get 5 kills while swimming (not in a round)


  • Kill 10 Supports as Assault (not in a round)
  • Kill 10 Engineers as Assault (not in a round)
  • Kill 10 Recons as Assault (not in a round)


  • Obtain 2 PDW Ribbons (not in a round)
  • Form a New Link in Chainlink 10 times (not in a round)
  • Follow 10 Squad Orders (not in a round)


  • Obtain 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons (not in a round)
  • 10 Squad Beacon Spawns on your beacon (not in a round)
  • 20 Spot Assists (not in a round)

Ballistic Shield

  • Obtain 5 Savior Kills (not in a round)
  • Obtain 20 Suppression Assists (not in a round)
  • Destroy 3 Explosives (not in a round)

Road Warrior Dogtag “Road Warrior”

  • Obtain 10 Flag Attacks (not in a round)
  • Obtain 10 Flag Defenses (not in a round)
  • Obtain 25 Kills using Shotguns (not in a round)

Remote Control Dogtag “Remote Operator”

  • Destroy 1 Vehicle with the EOD BOT (not in a round)
  • Obtain 5 Kills using the MAARS (not in a round)
  • Obtain 10 Kills using Helicopters (not in a round)
  • Spot 20 Enemies with the MAV (not in a round)

Desert Eagle “Recoil Kinetics”

  • Obtain 20 Headshots using the Unica6 (not in a round)

Killjoy Dogtag “Killjoy”

  • Kill 10 Enemies while under Suppression (not in a round)
  • Break 30 Links in Chainlink (not in a round)
  • Do something at a specific point on Map X (not in a round)

City Slicker Dogtag “City Slicker”

  • Spend 10 hours on Dragon’s Teeth maps (possibly one specific one)
  • Obtain 100 kills on Dragon’s Teeth maps (possibly one specific one)

Unfortunately, it seems the word “dragon” doesn’t actually refer to dragons or dinosaurs. We can only hope that to get everyone in the gaming world excited and positive about Battlefield 4 again, DICE and EA surprise everyone at their E3 press conference and reveal gameplay for the game’s last DLC (Battlefield 4: Final Stand) that features the jurassic creatures.


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