The most dumbfounding and elaborate of all the Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs gets discovered! Find out how to unlock an exclusive skin by defeating the hardest hidden puzzle Battlefield 4 has to offer.

Battlefield 4 has been on store shelves for over two years now, and thanks to support from DICE the game is still receiving fresh content in the form of downloadable content updates. The studio has been known to sneak quite a few hidden Easter Eggs in each Battlefield 4 update, and the latest batch of DLC is no different. This time, however, the studio seems to have outdone itself, and players have quickly discovered what appears to be the most difficult Easter Egg in Battlefield history – and somehow, it’s already been solved.

The Easter Egg is part of the free Legacy Operations downloadable content that launched yesterday, and gamers will have to take a trip to Dragon Valley if they want to start their journey. Things quickly escalate from there, so it’s no surprise that some gamers have dubbed this sequence of puzzles ‘The Illuminati Easter Egg’.

To complete the Easter Egg, gamers will have to jump through a series of hoops, with steps including a logic puzzle that randomizes itself every time the map is restarted, finding buttons hidden in Dragon Valley that require players to destroy terrain, and even jumping to an entirely different map to put in a unique code after waiting a specified amount of time. Suffice to say, it’s an incredibly elaborate puzzle, and we’re frankly baffled that someone was able to solve it before the Legacy Operations content was even half a month old.

Here’s the video guide, which explains how to solve the puzzle and unlock a previously-exclusive camouflage outfit:

As the above video mentions, the puzzle appears to be the brainchild of Julian Manolov, a DICE LA engineer who has been behind some of the more elaborate puzzles that have found their way into Battlefield on previous occasions. We have little doubt, however, that the Dragon Valley puzzle is his best achievement to date in terms of crafting a series of ludicrously difficult challenges. We’ve seen everything from megalodon sharks to the existence of dinosaurs within the game, but somehow, this depth of this puzzle is the most surprising thing we’ve seen yet.

Players who take the time to solve their own individual logic puzzles will earn the right to unlock the DICE LA Camouflage skin, which was previously only used by DICE employees themselves. After two years, those skins are now available to the public, but only the select few who are willing to take the time to solve the above series of puzzles.

Whether or not all of those steps are worth it to unlock an exclusive camouflage skin remains up for debate, but we have to hand it to Julian, he makes a mean puzzle.

Full credit for Jackfrags for uncovering the mysteries behind the clues.

Battlefield 4 is currently available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3.

Source: YouTube