First ‘Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth’ Screenshot Highlights Ballistic Shields

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Earlier this week, Battlefield 4 developer DICE gave gamers their first tease towards the third expansion for their multiplayer shooter titled ‘Dragon’s Teeth.’ And while there are seemingly no dragons in the expansion (or are there?!), the DLC pack does offer the requisite selection of maps and weapons.

In a few days — DICE says sometime this week — gamers will receive their first in-depth look at Dragon’s Teeth in gameplay form, but until then the first screenshot has hit the Net. It features two combatants contending with a hail of gunfire while crouching behind a shield.

While the screenshot doesn’t give too much about ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ away, it does reveal one of the DLC’s new weapons: the aforementioned ballistic shield. It’s unclear how exactly the shield will work in live combat, but it seems like it is two-handed, meaning the player cannot use a weapon and operate the shield at the same time.

Obviously a ballistic/riot shield is not a new addition to the FPS genre, but it could make for some unique opportunities within Battlefield 4‘s team-focused multiplayer. Imagine a wall of shields advancing on a capture point or an opposing team’s base a la the feature film 300 — that would be something.

Of course, Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth is not just about new weapons it also includes four new maps. Prior rumors for ‘Dragon’s Teeth,’ the fourth DLC offering for Battlefield 4, have suggested the map names are Sunken Dragon, Propaganda, Pearl Market, and Lumphini Garden, but neither DICE nor EA has confirmed those details.

We should get some greater clarity on ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ very soon, though, as the aforementioned gameplay footage is slated to his some time this week. Whether or not it will reveal the whole shebang as far as the DLC pack is concerned isn’t entirely clear, but chances are it will be enough to tide fans over until ‘Dragon’s Teeth’s release. Also, if the video just happened to have a dragon or two in it, we might be happy. Even a small teaser like the Megalodon would suffice.

What do you hope to see from the new ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ DLC pack? How have you liked Battlefield 4‘s post-launch add-ons so far?

Source: Battlefield — Twitter

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