Before Battlefield 3 even released with its impressive Frostbite 2 visuals we knew another franchise installment was coming two years later – with a Medal of Honor game in between. We didn’t know if it was going to be Battlefield: Bad Company 3 or some other installment however, until Battlefield 4 was namedropped as a pre-order bonus for beta access for MoH: Warfighter.

Considering BF3 was EA’s fastest-selling game ever, it made business sense, but for fans, it raised concerns over what new features the game would include, and what missing features from previous installments it would bring back. Thanks to a series of surveys looking for feedback on developer DICE’s first next-gen game, we can already get a sense of what Battlefield 4 aims to include when it releases this fall.

Last week we detailed a reportedly leaked survey which focused on DLC expansions, naval warfare gameplay and even (the Game Rant frequently requested feature of) dinosaurs. EA wouldn’t confirm the survey officially but they did carefully say that what’s listed are just ideas and not necessarily confirmed game features or content in the works.

Another new survey – confirmed by EA – has surfaced thanks to someone taking images of it, and this one includes more gameplay information and details on “Battlepacks”. We’ve summarized the key details to save you some lengthy reading:

  •  “demolish the buildings shielding your enemy.”
  • “lead an assault from the back of a gun boat.”
  • One survey question asks players if they’d like their progress from Battlefield 3 carried over so they have weapons already unlocked.
  • Battlelog mobile app and scheduled matchmaking
  • Water-based combat: “Pilot attack boats, RHIBs and jet skis on swelling seas and stormy oceans.”
  • “Blow the foundations of a dam and flood the area of combat.”
  • “Bump into a vehicle and its alarm will give away your position.”
  • “Cut the power to a building and envelop the enemy in a cloak of darkness.”
  • “More maps, more vehicles, more weapons, more classes, and more destruction…”
  • There are additional surveys asking for name suggestions for DLC packs:

Battlefield 4 Close Combat Melee DLC Names Survey

Battlefield 4 Prototpye Weapons DLC Names Survey

Battlefield 4 Naval Combat DLC Names Survey

On the Battlepacks feature – which seems similar to the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer packs featuring random bonuses (and used for microtransactions revenue):

“In Battlefield 4, you can unlock Battlepacks as a reward for all your hard work in combat. Possible rewards include bonus XP boosts, knives, weapon attachments, and customization options like soldier camos, weapon paints and dog tags will let you play your way and stand out on the battlefield. The more you play the faster you earn them, but with 300 possible Battlepacks featuring more than 1200 items, you never know what you’ll unlock.”

All the survey images can be found here. If you happen to be filling out this survey yourself, for this following question, do us a favor and check everything except ‘Prehistoric’ and ‘Medieval’. We desperately need a break from modern shooters.

Battlefield 4 Survey Time Period

For more:

Battlefield 4 may release October 29, 2013 for the PC and current/next-gen PlayStation & Xbox.

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Source: MP1st