It’s a very busy time for the Battlefield franchise. Battlefield 4‘s fourth DLC pack “Dragon’s Teeth” releases next week on July 15th for Premium members and to celebrate, this weekend there will be a Double XP event weekend from the July 12-13. On the next-game front, Battlefield Hardline’s closed beta ended just recently and EA sent out an infographic to highlight some interesting stats from it.

Before we get to dissecting what players did in their first experience with Hardline, the big Battlefield news this week is the announcement of Battlefest, a self-described “festival built for gamers” which serves as a “thank you” to loyal players who’ve stuck with the game through its ups and downs. There will loads of prizes, both in-game and physical (including graphics cards and three gaming PCs, provided by AMD), to be won.

It it all begins this Saturday, the 12th, the first day of the daily ‘Battleshots’ contest which runs through until the end of Battlefest on August 13th. Players will be tasked with sending in a screenshot following a specific theme for that day and every day a winner be chosen to win an AMD graphics card, $50 gift card to the DICE Store, and a Battlefield 4 Premium membership on their platform of choice. Pretty good, right? Time to get creative!

Battlefield 4 Battlefest

Other bonuses for players include the following:

Free Camo Unlocks

Each week we will be releasing a free camo in-game for all players.  This will give you more ways to standout on the battlefield.

Double XP

As noted above, we’re kicking Battlefest off with a double XP weekend and we’re definitely going to end with one too for all players to reap the benefits.

Community Missions

Each week we will be hosting a global community challenge to reach a specific goal in-game.  If you reach the goal, everyone who logs in will receive a free gold Battlepack the following week.  The first mission starts on July 15, 2014, where you will have to collectively reach 15 million revives across all platforms, with the mission ending on the eve of July 20, 2014.

Stunt Video Competition

This a month long contest where we are asking you to send us your best stunt video that can only be done in Battlefield 4. Once we receive the submissions, the DICE team will pick the top 12 and then you, the fans, will vote on the top three winners to win a massive prize.  Official rules can be found here.

Now back to Visceral’s first entry into the Battlefield franchise with the cops vs. robbers themed Battlefield Hardline. The closed beta ran from E3 onward for a limited amount of time and we spent plenty of hours tearing it up in the digital (albeit lifeless) streets of Los Angeles in the game’s ‘High Tension’ map and you can watch our gameplay videos here.

While Visceral takes in the feedback from the closed beta to improve Battlefield Hardline in the last few months before release, players will have a chance to enjoy the open beta on all platforms this fall. Here’s a summary of what players did in the short closed beta:

Battlefield Hardline Beta Statistics Infographic

In short, gamers are destructive. Are you hopeful that Visceral and EA can launch a Battlefield game that won’t have them saying a year later that it “didn’t meet expectations”? (see: Medal of Honor and Battlefield 4). Can they deliver a single player player campaign that’s noteworthy where BF3 and BF4 fell short? Will they bring back co-op mode that BF3 started to develop so it can compete with the Payday titles?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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