In preparation of the Battlefield 4 trailer reveal on March 26th, Electronic Arts and DICE have rolled out a teaser site for the game. While the site doesn’t feature much, it does promise some Battlefield 4 art is on the way, presumably in advance of the trailer.

However, DICE isn’t parting with their art so easily, they want players to log-in to the game’s official site to gauge interest in Battlefield 4. And, depending on the number of users who log in, the more DICE will reveal.

Obviously, with a trailer right around the corner, fan anticipation is high for Battlefield 4. Gamers are curious to discover what this next iteration of DICE’s FPS franchise will include, but just a brief taste is sure to tide them over. Additionally, fans are likely looking to get closer looks at the game’s graphics, in order to better gauge how DICE has stepped up the visuals from Battlefield 3.

As far as gameplay is concerned, we know that certain aspects of the Battlefield franchise, namely the Commander role in multiplayer, will be returning for Battlefield 4. We also know that the console version of the game will support 64-player skirmishes — one of the PC version of Battlefield 3‘s many advantages.

And even though there is a lot about Battlefield 4 that leaves us with a feeling of déjà vu — that DICE is not pushing themselves far enough — there’s still something about a Battlefield reveal that gets us excited. Maybe it’s the residual high after BF3‘s awesome in-engine trailer, or maybe it’s just a shooter that does something a little different than Call of Duty.

That said, we hope that DICE has learned from Battlefield 3, and plan to improve upon that game in myriad ways. It’s not first, or even tenth, on the list, but we would like to see a single player campaign that is both satisfying and compelling. Battlefield 3‘s campaign was more of a showpiece for Frostbite 2.0, and lacked the substance of something like Bad Company 2.

To help urge DICE to show more Battlefield 4 art simply head to the game’s official site here, and log in. And, as we mentioned, stick tuned to Game Rant on Tuesday for the Battlefield 4 trailer.

What do you hope to see in the build up to the Battlefield 4 trailer? Do you think the trailer should focus purely on multiplayer or single player? Or should it be a combination of both?

Battlefield 4 should hit store shelves some time this Fall for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and Microsoft’s next-gen console.

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