‘Battlefield 4’ Achievements List Offers Campaign Spoilers

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Seminal shooter sequel Battlefield 4 is very nearly upon us. Boasting a wealth of in-game improvements, multiplayer add-ons, and customizable kit, DICE’s dog of war may lack for some of the canine bite of direct competitor Call of Duty, but rest assured, this pooch-less FPS fully intends to run the yard.

Scheduled to deploy later this month, Battlefield 4‘s intel division appears to have sprung an early leak, releasing details on all 42 of the game’s highly-collectible achievement goals online.

The full list of unlockable objectives appears below.

  • ‘Storm Bringer’ -
Score 20,000 points in the ‘Singapore’ Campaign Mission (25G)
  • ‘Dunn’s Pride’ —
Score 7,000 points in the ‘Baku’ Campaign Mission (25G)
  • ‘A One-man Riot’ -
Score 11,000 points in the ‘Shanghai’ Campaign Mission (25G)
  • ‘Terror of the Deep’ —
Score 11,000 points in the ‘South China Sea’ Campaign Mission (25G)
  • ‘Gladiator’ —
Score 12,000 points in the ‘Kunlun Mountains’ Campaign Mission (25G)
  • ‘Demolition Man’ —
Score 15,000 points in the ‘Tashgar’ Campaign Mission (25G)
  • ‘Guardian of the Fleet’ —
Score 6,000 points in the ‘Suez’ Campaign Mission (25G)
  • ‘Above and Beyond the Call’ —
Complete every Campaign assignment (25G)
  • ‘Full Arsenal’ —
Unlock every Campaign assignment and collectible item (65G)
  • ‘Fish’ —
Complete Campaign Mode on Easy Difficulty (20G)
  • ‘Wolf’ —
Complete Campaign Mode on Normal Difficulty(25G)
  • ‘Tombstone’ —
Complete Campaign Mode on Hard Difficulty (25G)
  • ‘Braving the Storm’ -
Complete the ‘Singapore’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing’ —
Complete the ‘Shanghai’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘The Fall of a Titan’ —
Complete the ‘South China Sea’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Dead by Dawn’ —
Complete the ‘Kunlun Mountains’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Guns at Dawn’ —
Complete the ‘Suez’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Fishing in Baku’ —
Complete the ‘Baku’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Antediluvian’ —
Complete the ‘Tashgar’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Stumbled over it’ —
 Discover 3 Campaign collectibles (20G)
  • ‘It was on the Way…’ —
Discover 6 Campaign collectibles (20G)
  • ‘Took a Casual Look Around’ —
 Discover 9 Campaign collectibles (20G)
  • ‘Done Some Searching’ —
 Discover 12 Campaign collectibles (20G)
  • ‘Methodical Search’ —
 Discover 15 Campaign collectibles (20G)
  • ‘No Stone Left Unturned’ —
 Discover 18 Campaign collectibles (20G)
  • ‘Every Nook and Cranny’ —
 Discover 21 Campaign collectibles (20G)
  • ‘Recon’ —
 Discover all 28 Campaign collectibles (65G)
  • ‘Well Placed’ —
Achieve 10 C4 Explosive kills in the ‘Baku’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Wrecker’ —
Achieve 10 multi-kills in the ‘Shanghai’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Blood Wake’ —
Achieve 30 headshots in the ‘South China Sea’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘War Turtle’ —
Achieve 15 RPG kills in the ‘Singapore’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Infiltrator’ —
Achieve 10 adrenaline kills in the ‘Tashgar’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Shawshank’ —
Achieve 5 ‘Shank’ kills in the ‘Kunlun Mountains’ Campaign Mission (20G)
  • ‘Patience is a Virtue’ —
Play through each of the game’s 3 alternate endings (20G)
  • ‘Turn Around…’ —
Achieve 5 dog tag kills in Online Multiplayer (10G)
  • ‘Won them all’ —
Win a round in every online multiplayer mode (10G)
  • ‘.45 Old School’ —
Achieve 45 ‘M1911’ Handgun kills in Online Multiplayer (25G)
  • ‘Bomb Squad’ —
Plant 5 bombs in ‘Obliteration’ Mode (25G)
  • ‘Call me “Sir”’ —
Ascend to rank 25 in Online Multiplayer (50G)


  • ‘For Tombstone’ —
Allow the ‘Valkyrie’ to be destroyed (20G)
  • ‘For the People’ —
Save the Valkyrie by sacrificing ‘Irish’ (20G)
  • ‘For the Cause’ —
Save the Valkyrie by sacrificing Hannah (20G)

Battlefield 4 - Paracel Storm 1

Despite the relative parity between Battlefield and COD franchises, one area in which the latter series always seems to excel, is the sheer difficulty of its elite-level achievements. Masochistic and compulsive where Battlefield‘s extra-credit assignments tend to be more measured and enjoyable, Call of Duty‘s legacy of frustration and attainment far outstrips that of its major competitor. This status quo appears to remain unchanged with Battlefield 4, as time-intensive challenges take precedence over purer tests of skill.

Interestingly, accolade ranking website Achievementhunter.com names only three Battlefield trophies within its list of the 100 most difficult achievements, all of which happen to appear in 2008 spin-off title Battlefield: Bad Company – a series reportedly on the comeback trail. The game’s unenviable task of accruing 10002 online kills (‘Beans Bullets Bandages’) appears at number #53, and marks the series highest overall position. No Bad Company 2 tasks make the grade, suggesting that developer DICE is more comfortable offering a lower-level path for completionists.

Are you excited for the release of Battlefield 4? Which in-game achievements will you choose to pursue? Do difficult achievements detract from your fun or amp it up? Have your say in the comments below, and be sure to check out Game Rant’s rundown of the latest Battlefield news, right here.


Battlefield 4 arrives on October 29th 2013 for PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 platforms. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One versions will launch just prior to their respective consoles later this year.

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