'Battlefield 3's' Wake Island Map Features Special Message From DICE

DICE Thanks Fans in Battlefield 3 Easter Egg

It’s only been a few days since the PS3 release of Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand pack, but already a pretty clever little Easter Egg has been found on the pack’s Wake Island map. Meant to be a monument to the thousands, perhaps even millions, of players that have fought on this virtual battlefield DICE has placed a small shrine/memorial for BF3 gamers to find.

While the Easter Egg is better experienced for yourself, a Redditor has posted an image from the map that shows the memorial. Since Wake Island has made its way through a handful of Battlefield iterations, DICE thought it best to acknowledge all who have battled on its shores.

As was mentioned before Back to Karkand released just a few days ago, and was free to those who purchased the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3. Even more exciting is the chance to experience some of the Battlefield series more prolific maps, only with the Frostbite 2.0 engine at the helm.

DICE, as evidenced by first this map pack, and now the memorial, are clearly all about staying humble and knowing where they came from. Battlefield has always been a series that lives and dies with its fans, and Battlefield 3 is no different.

Battlefield 3 Wake Island Easter Egg

Since the game’s release, players have experienced a wealth of new experiences, both good and bad. The game has been patched several times, but the objective, team-based multiplayer has remained as solid as it has ever been. The single player portions of Battlefield 3 might have fallen by the wayside, but, when given a chance there is still some entertainment to be found there as well, but it’s really about the multiplayer.

And it’s those multiplayer fans that DICE and EA are saluting with this Wake Island tribute — the players who have experienced Wake Island in everything from Battlefield 1942 all the way to Battlefield 3.

Have you found this Easter Egg on Wake Island? Which has been your favorite iteration of Wake Island?

Battlefield 3 is available now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Reddit



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